It’s not over for Juventus who, after a 10-point penalty on Monday, could face a new punishment in a new FIGC trial regarding the so-called ‘salary maneuvres’ which will take place on June 15.

The Bianconeri were dropped from second to seventh after the FIGC Court of Appeal confirmed a 10-point penalty on Monday.

This means they need six points in the last two games of the season to qualify for Champions League football on the pitch, but their fate is not in their hands, with Atalanta, Roma and Milan ahead of them in the table.

This is not the end for the Old Lady, who could be given a new penalty before the end of the season. As confirmed by Gazzetta, a second FIGC trial will take place on June 15, less than two weeks after the end of the season in Serie A.

It will concern the salary manoeuvres, partnerships with other clubs and rapport with agents. Juventus’ first request for a plea bargain has been rejected, but the Old Lady directors still have a chance to negotiate with the Federal Prosecutor before the trial takes place, reports Gazzetta.

It remains to be seen if Juventus will be given a new point penalty and if it will be valid for the current campaign or 2023-24. Lega Serie A must confirm the table for the current season by June 30 and a potential Juventus appeal would surely go beyond that date. UEFA will also finish their own investigation into Juventus’ finances in June.

The Bianconeri could also appeal against the fresh 10-point deduction, but considering the last attempt agreed the club had violated Article 4 – covering fair play and sporting probity – it is unlikely to be successful.

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