Juve to exchange Arthur with Arsenal’s Partey?

Juventus have reportedly identified Thomas Partey as a strong option to improve their midfield and they may look to include Arthur in a possible exchange deal.

The 25-year-old Brazilian midfielder has failed to impress in Turin under coach Massimiliano Allegri this season and he seemed close to a move to the Gunners in the January transfer window, but ultimately this failed to materialise. The second half of his season has been much better than the first, but it’s hard to imagine Allegri continuing to rely on Arthur as the team fight to return to the top.

As reported by AS, Juventus believe that Arsenal’s Partey may be the ideal candidate to strengthen Allegri’s midfield, and now they’re considering the idea of sending Arthur to North London in exchange.

A deal may be tough to pull off, however, as the Gunners value the 28-year-old Ghanaian midfielder at around €35m. Arthur, in comparison, has an estimated market value of around €20m, so Juventus may need to include cash to sweeten the deal.

10 Comments on “Juve to exchange Arthur with Arsenal’s Partey?”

  1. And I would like to exchange my Ford for a Ferrarri but unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way

  2. Lolwa, you obviously haven’t heard of the power of the plusvalenza, an art Juventus excels at. No doubt Arthur will be not only valued as a Ferrari, but maybe even as a Bugatti.

  3. lol you guys have not heard of Banger Max, an automobile that moves from 0-60 in 60 minutes and is already devaluing in price.😂

  4. You can complain about Allegri as much as you like but the fact remains he’s won of juves most successful coaches. Juve don’t have the players to play like man city, psg and Liverpool. But I don’t think it would take much to challenge Real, Chelsea, Bayern and the 2 Milan teams. Juve need a few improvements in midfield and defense but I think they can challenge next season. Dybala will be tough to replace but Pogba would suit the team. Just hope chiesa gets back to his best.

  5. A team that’s currently 20 points off top is hardly an upgrade on Juve. Arsenal have no chance of winning any competition for the next 10 years so it depends on what the player wants to do. Regardless, Arthur wasn’t in Barcelona’s plans, he’s not in Brazil’s and he won’t really be in anyone else’s if they understand football. An extra in the Walking Dead.

  6. @Bianconero, you are right but he is aslo asking for olayers that won’t help the squad nore him, like Pogba that Juve didn’t win any CL with him and same happened to ManU.

    He should be limited only to coach and not to ask for a specific player.

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