Juric wants ‘undeserved’ Torino win against Napoli

Torino boss Ivan Juric wants to beat Napoli so much that he would not care about the performance: ‘Even an undeserved win is fine.’

The Granata visit table leaders Napoli at the Stadio Maradona tomorrow at 14.00 UK time.

“I’d like to take all three points home, even an undeserved win is fine, although our target is always to put in a positive performance,” the Croatian boss said at a press conference today.

“We’ve always played well against big clubs, and I want to see a further step forward from the team,” he continued.

“However, more than the performance, I care about the result. It has happened rarely to win games undeservedly, so now we must grow in terms of details and have the desire to bring the game on our side.

“There are small details that allow you to change the season and earn more points.

“It’s going to be a difficult game,” Juric added.

“Giuntoli was excellent during the transfer window, we’ll play in a great stadium against a top team, so we are all motivated.”

Juric confirmed that Aleksej Mirančuk has recovered: “He trained well and he has a chance to start.”

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