Stevan Jovetic told La Gazzetta dello Sport “I gave my all to Fiorentina” data-scaytid=”5″>Fiorentina, but Antonio Conte could help me grow at Juventus.”



Stevan Jovetic told La Gazzetta dello Sport “I gave my all to Fiorentina, but Antonio Conte could help me grow at Juventus.”

The Viola have so far been adamant they will not sell the Montenegro international to their fiercest rivals for anything less than €30m cash.

Today’s interview suggests Jo-Jo is tired of the situation and wants the two clubs to start talking.

“I don’t want to say the word ‘goodbye,’ as I don’t like it. I’d love for Florence to always maintain a positive image of me. They gave me the nickname Jo-Jo and I feel the same affection – along with gratitude – for the fans.

“I have been at Fiorentina since 2008 for five very intense seasons. I feel that I gave my all to Fiorentina, so I have nothing more to give here.

“I am young and ambitious, so it’s normal I feel the need to test myself elsewhere. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting that. Florence and the Viola fans always wanted me to be honest, so here I am.

“I need new motivation and to make the step up to the next level at a top club. Fiorentina took me to participate in Europe, but now I want to win in Europe.”

Jovetic has been linked with the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and PSG, but above all Juventus.

“Juve have been after me for a year. They say they want me and that in their list I come above Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Carlos Tevez and Gonzalo Higuain. Who wouldn’t be flattered by that? I am and I don’t think it is a betrayal to admit that.

“I feel that Conte could help me to grow and we have reciprocal respect.”

However, Jovetic points out he is not dead set on the Bianconeri at all costs.

“I am evaluating overseas moves too. The Premier League and the Liga are fantastic competitions, I do have some proposals, so we’ll see.

“President Andrea Della Valle will know what to do. He asked me to tell him what I wanted and I did that a while back. Now I am saying it publicly to be as clear as possible.

“It’s really not up to me to set my price-tag. I know that last summer the President asked me to stay in Florence for one more year and the club would make it easier for me if I wanted to go.

“To be fair, the €30m valuation isn’t making it easy at all. There is already a clause written into the contract that says I can go for €30m, but Fiorentina aren’t making any exceptions regardless of my desire to move on.

“I had such great moments here and even played with injury. I hope the fans appreciate that I did it for them, for the team and for the club.

“I arrived in Florence as a kid, but I leave as a man and as a great player. I thank everyone.”

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