Journalist sexually harassed by Fiorentina fan after Empoli win

by | Nov 28, 2021 12:00

The ODG Toscana reporter Greta Beccaglia was sexually harassed by a Fiorentina fan outside the stadium after the 2-1 defeat to Empoli.

The incident took place on live TV and during the days of Serie A’s ‘a red card to violence’ campaign.

Why Serie A players have a red mark on their cheeks

Players in Serie A this weekend are sporting a red mark on their cheeks as part of the campaign challenging violence against women and spreading awareness of an anti-stalking hotline.

But when the female journalist tried to get reactions from the Fiorentina fans after the defeat in the Tuscan derby, she was met by sexually harassing gestures.

He colleague only told her ‘don’t get it on camera’ and didn’t condemn the gesture and the harasser.

The Order of Journalists of Tuscany, however, condemns what happened and expressed full solidarity with journalist Beccaglia, who was immediately called by the President of the Order of Journalists of Tuscany, Giampaolo Marchini.

Tuttomercatoweb reports the Order of Journalists of Tuscany reiterates that the time has come to stop ‘minimising and recalls that violence against women is above all a cultural and social problem’.

Image: Screenshot Toscana TV 


  1. Joe

    They need to straight to jail

  2. House Party

    If it’s on camera then there’s no excuse. Prosecute! But why would anyone do that on “Red Card To Violence” day? I mean, I know why, because some people have no control over their lust or “love” energy! Whether it’s men who abuse women or whether it’s women who abuse + get possessive over men. Awareness should be raised. But rather than only focusing on 1 aspect of a problem or “Violence Against Women, it should be “Violence Against Anyone.” I know from experience that women can be every bit as jealous + controlling as men. So raise awareness to help men to meditate, so that their lust doesn’t run-away with them AND meditation/awareness to help women, when their need for attention, validation + “love” goes too far + they grope men in invasive ways, then lie, discredit + do or direct violence towards them, when they feel rejected! Because whether you do violence yourself or manipulate others’ to do it for you? It’s still violence. The media + society often like to paint a picture that only men are violent. They only push one narrative? Do they live in ivory towers? Because on the street + behind closed doors, the reality is very different. I speak from personal experience. If everyone did learn to meditate + to deal with their own “stuff” + unconscious disrespect, then there’d be no need for red marks on cheeks, or men causing trauma, or cruel, hateful women seeking revenge!
    I’ve had enough of politics now. But I feel compelled to speak up about this stuff. You don’t heal by only highlighting one aspect of a problem. Toxic is toxic. Whether it’s from men or women and BOTH can be as violent.

  3. Brandon

    Glad it was caught on film.

    Let them be exposed and have to explain to their family, mothers, daughters, employers why they acted this way.

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