Oma Akatugba, a journalist and close friend of Victor Osimhen, warned the Partenopei that the Nigerian forward would leave the club for free in a video that he later deleted from X.

Akatugba raged at Napoli and Aurelio De Laurentiis in a video shared on X on Tuesday night after Osimhen’s agent Roberto Calenda had threatened to sue the club for a TikTok video that infuriated his client.

Akatugba’s video has later been removed but several Italian media, including La Gazzetta dello Sport, reported what the journalist said.

“It’s absolutely incredible, a shame and a disgrace. It’s unacceptable and ridiculous for a club to do something like this not to any player, but to your best player.

“The best striker in Italy, named for the Ballon d’Or. Is this the way you treat him? Just because he hasn’t scored in two or three games?

“Which will be the consequences?” continued Akatugba.

“Napoli will lose Osimhen. This is the reason why the player did not extend his contract. Ask yourself why, a player who is supposed to be happy at his club, has not signed a new contract with just one year remaining.

“That guy owning Napoli [De Laurentiis], sees himself as ‘El Chapo’ of the transfer market, ‘El Chapo’ of Football business and he will end up losing the player for nothing. After investing €70m in Victor, they may earn nothing.”

In one of his replies to X users, Akatugba added “Napoli’s actions recall a scenario in which a girl seeks a reason to break up with a man, and when he provides one, she enthusiastically takes the opportunity.”

The journalist has deleted both posts but continued to share reactions to his content.

Osimhen has been included in Napoli’s squad list for tonight’s Serie A game against Udinese and is expected to start at the Stadio Maradona.

The Nigerian striker has removed almost all Napoli pictures from his Instagram account including those published in May when celebrating the Partenopei’s first Serie A title in 33 years.

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