The importance of Arsenal star Jorginho in Italy’s win over Albania has probably gone unnoticed, given that the experienced Regista completed 120 of his 131 passes, the highest tally since Xavi in 2012 and Toni Kroos in 2016.

Arsenal midfielder Jorginho played a key role in Italy’s 2-1 win over Albania on Saturday night on the Azzurri’s EURO 2024 debut.

As reported by several media and Arsenal’s official website, the Brazil-born midfielder completed 120 of his 131 passes at the Westfalenstadion, which means 92% passing accuracy.

Football Italia discussed Jorginho’s sublime performance during a post-match show in Dortmund last night, but many continue to underestimate the 32-year-old’s importance to the Azzurri’s tactics.


Some Azzurri fans have not forgotten that the experienced midfielder missed key penalty kicks in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, but Jorgi remains a cornerstone of Luciano Spalletti’s Italy.

The CT didn’t call Jorginho for the opening four games of his tenure due to lack of playing time with Arsenal, but as soon as Jorginho started playing consistently under Mikel Arteta, he became a key member of the Azzurri squad as well.

Against Albania, the 32-year-old also had more touches than any other player on the pitch, 136, recorded two interceptions and made a key pass. During a post-match press conference, Spalletti highlighted Jorginho’s ability to play in tight spaces.

The midfielder’s talent on the ball suggests he will also start against Spain this coming Thursday.

Jorginho has scored five goals in 55 appearances with Italy’s national team and was already part of the team that won the Euros three years ago with Roberto Mancini in charge.


10 thought on “Jorginho: Underrated Arsenal star key to Italy’s win over Albania”
  1. he actually gave the ball away quite a few times. we need to sort out that central area out of possession because a few times they were looking around at one another as to who was supposed to drop back and who was supposed to take up that central area.

  2. You kidding me. Gave the ball away at times and when had space he did nothing but play it back. Barella + Pellegrini, especially Barella played well. Would of liked to see Raspadori come on for Chiesa though and Mancini for Calafiori + Bellanova for DiLorenzo

  3. Please no more Darmian. How does this guy even play for a strong Inter Milan. Spinna would of been a good super sub not Darmian..Darmian & Zaccagni shouldn’t be here..Spinna & Gnonto would of been better

  4. Because they are arrogante, they treat there players like rock stars and they have 1 rusty cup in 60 years. They need to shut up and win something.

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