Jorginho admits after Italy failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, his two penalty misses will ‘haunt me for the rest of my life.’



The Chelsea midfielder saw one spot-kick saved by Yann Sommer, then fired another off target in stoppages during the other must-win game against Switzerland at the group phase.

Those results saw Italy finish second in the group and they were today beaten 1-0 at home by North Macedonia in the play-offs.

“It is difficult to explain what happened,” Jorginho told RAI Sport through tears.

“It hurts so much. I’ll be honest, I am still incredulous. I don’t think we lacked creativity, as we always dominated matches and created so many chances. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish them off.

“We played good football, we won the European Championship last summer, but unfortunately in the last few games we made small errors and were unable to recover from them. They made the difference.”

Those errors include the two Jorginho penalties against Switzerland and he knows full well the weight of this failure will be on his shoulders.

“It hurts when I think about it, because I do still think about it and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. Stepping up there twice and not being able to help your team and your country is something that I will carry with me forever, and it weighs on me.

“People say we need to lift our heads and carry on, but it’s tough.”

21 thought on “Jorginho: ‘Italy penalty misses will haunt me for the rest of my life’”
  1. He ain’t even Italian nor is John Peters (Joao Pedro). The farmers do not even have enough talent to make a starting 11.

  2. @Tufaro so you’re danger boy. They are also part of the common wealth but John Peters is not Italian in anyway and where is the connection. I can understand he plays for Portugal but slim picking these days.

  3. Common wealth?

    Commonwealth is ONE word, yobbo. Let me know if you have anymore questions about Old Blighty and I’ll be happy to teach you.

    Go brush your tooth.

  4. Yes Tufaro danger boy Commonwealth of Nations. Go look it up and get your education in. Also it is “go brush your teeth”. Work on you vocabulary. Finally what connection does John Peters have to Italy? Did he forget to ask Portugal and why did the farmers take him in?

  5. Hey Innit stop with the farmer thing. Wherever you are from is worse. They have the most beautiful women, cars, food, language, architecture, etc etc. Could go on and on. You miserable sap.

  6. So gutted. Other crap year nothing to look forward to has in World Cup my son still not seen Italy in world next one is 2026 he be 15

  7. lol architecture yes but its all crumbling. Remember the bridge in Genoa collapsing. Go look at the stadiums as they have better ones even in Turkey. Women, food etc are all subjective. One thing is for sure Binucci did not eat his pasta.

  8. Win or Lose, I will always be proud of Italy, the coach and the players that won Euro 2020. Even Jorginho.

  9. He is responsible for the goal today to make matters worse. That second where he raises his hand to protest a possible hand ball is all the time you need to line a shot contested vs uncontested. Horrible tactical mistake by him.

  10. Maybe this sounds off to people, but I think one thing that has caught up to Italy over the years is their pension for nationalizing players. Jorginho at least lived their half his life and wanted to play for Italy. That may seem weird to me but hey, fine. But players like Thiago Motta, who had been on a senior Confederations Cup winning squad (tho not capped), Paletta…Joao Pedro…we can go back to Camornesi, who wouldn’t sing the anthem…I mean, it doesn’t make sense.

  11. Innit,

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  12. Good Balotelli wasn’t in this playoff game, if he happened to be part of the team and they lost in this disgraceful manner, all the racist in Italy would have all go on rampage and use him as as escape goat, they would have pour out all manners of their fascism and all derogatory comments targeting only him.

  13. Jorginho should never come near a penalty spot with Italy.


    I would have loved to see Balotelli instead of the talentless Immobile.
    But you’re probably right, Balo would have been the scapegoat by most people.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  14. Clown King Tufaro read your quote as you cannot spell dental and never start with “As” at the beginning of your sentence. Village idiot they are still looking for you in your town. Before coming here learn how to debate and work on your vocabulary silly danger boy from Athens Georgia.

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