Jorginho: ‘I am giving Ballon d’Or some thought’

Jorginho with the trophy

Jorginho admits he is starting to ‘give some thought’ to winning the Ballon d’Or, explains what he learned at Chelsea and why a lone milkshake brought him to tears.

The midfielder started on the bench in tonight’s UEFA European Super Cup against Villarreal in Belfast, because he only recently started pre-season training after going all the way in UEFA EURO 2020.

However, he gave an interview to Amazon Prime Video Italia before kick-off.

“Everything started for me at Verona. I arrived at the age of 15, in 2006, when I was on €20 per week. I’d buy a milkshake, which cost €1, sit on the steps of Piazza Bra and spend all afternoon just watching people walk by.

“I went back there recently and I decided to get the same drink for €1, sit on those steps again, after all those years of sacrifices. It was really emotional for me to do that again, all by myself.”

Jorginho was asked what advice he would give to himself at age 15.

“To always believe in yourself and never give up. Difficult moments will always arrive, many people will want to knock you down, but you can always count on those by your side. Nobody can say what the future will be, you will decide that,” was his response.

The midfielder really came into his own at Napoli, then followed Maurizio Sarri to Chelsea and initially struggled to fit into the different atmosphere.

“The move to the Premier League helped me improve physically. Before coming here, I would try more to read the game for my interceptions, then I arrived in England and adapted.”

After winning the Champions League with Chelsea and EURO 2020 with Italy, Gianfranco Zola said that Jorginho has to be in the running for the Ballon d’Or.

“When there’s so much talk about it, naturally, you are going to give it some thought,” confessed the 29-year-old.

“Gianfranco is a great guy, we had so many wonderful experiences together at Chelsea, we always played together in training and you could still see the quality he had.

“We always have a laugh and I call him Nano (dwarf) because he’s so short! I love you, Gianfranco.”

3 Comments on “Jorginho: ‘I am giving Ballon d’Or some thought’”

  1. If the Balon D’or is based on the number of trophies won then definitely Jorginho will win it but if it is based on individual performance the Messi will definitely be the victor.

  2. If ballon D’or is given base on the numbers of trophies won, then Jorgihno is favorite together with Emerson. But if it’s base on individuals performance, Leo Messi is far above everybody.

    I still still believe that it’s base on individuals performance. MESSI is the favorite

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