Jorge Mendes offers Ronaldo to Roma – report

La Gazzetta dello Sport claim that super agent Jorge Mendes has offered Cristiano Ronaldo to Jose Mourinho’s Roma.

The report details how the 37-year-old Portuguese star seems likely to leave Manchester United this summer after remaining unconvinced about new coach Erik Ten Hag, and recent rumours have linked him with a move to Bayern Munich. This has been denied but this is to be expected, as no other response would be given regardless.

Whispers in Rome have been talking of a possible Ronaldo move to Roma for weeks now, with an infamous voice note, which seems to detail the player’s arrival, spreading like wildfire on WhatsApp. Bookmakers are even getting involved now and putting a move to the Giallorossi at 2:1 odds.

Mendes reportedly offered Ronaldo to Roma as he looks to find a new club for his client. The fact that Mourinho is also represented by Mendes only helps a possible deal and there’s no saying what could happen if all three sat down together.

The costs of the deal do seem impossible for Roma to overcome but who knows how the Friedkins will react, with further backing possible.

Reports in England also suggest that a move to Chelsea is possible, with it coming up in talks between new owner Todd Boehly and Mendes.

21 Comments on “Jorge Mendes offers Ronaldo to Roma – report”

  1. Why doesn’t he stop playing ?!
    Seriously dude
    You won everything
    Go play some movies or commercials and learn 10 times as much as u make with football
    I don’t get it
    Seriously why is he sticking around ?!
    to play for ROMA ? lol

  2. Lots of people here saying that Ronaldo doesn’t want to come to a so-called low-level club like Roma. I would say that most Roma fans, people like me, don’t want Ronaldo at Roma either. He wasn’t exactly great at the end of his stint with the high-level kings of Italy Juventus.

  3. Milan Fan & Brian,

    It’s Roma, not some unknown club.
    HAVE SOME RESPECT. We are a big club too.
    At least we didn’t bribe referee like this one disgrace club Ronaldo used to play

  4. Juilio, roma are nt a big club, list your european trophy and the years you won them.

    Julio ur too tight to bribe referees – thats why we know you cant bring ronaldo in

  5. @Julio
    fair enough
    Roma is a big club
    But even if Roma was the biggest club in the world, I think Cr7 has nothing more to prove really
    that was my point
    I didnt intent to mock Roma to be honest
    I just don’t understand Ronaldo and his effort to play more when he can’t be his best anymore

  6. To Brian: dude, he is playing because he loves football more than anything, wnd yes he loves it more than woen qnd much much more than earning money, thats why he is best player ever played, and you still cant understand this

  7. Great player, no doubt, but he’s a luxury that Roma cannot afford. While he’ll score goals, the team will be weaker from a pressing and defensive perspective.

    It would be more prudent for the club to sign several younger players who’ll strengthen the team/squad than one superstar who’ll cost a fortune and probably not be able to play 90 minutes week in week out.

  8. Shut up all fans who disrespect Roma. Serie A will be very watched with Ronaldo again, knowing how many fans he have. I’m not his fan, I’m Messi’s (and Argentina’s) but I am also Serie A fan, so would be awesome to see him At Roma. But, then 4 CL places would be guaranteed for Juve, Milan, Inter and Roma. 😛

  9. I meant no disrespect to Roma, it’s just that they don’t play in Champions League, and I always thought that’s the minimum requirement for Ronaldo when he looks for a new club, unless he’s desperate?

  10. As a Juve fan I would be a little bit triggered but I would like to see Ronaldo in Serie A again and also Roma has a small place in my heart so I would like him to come to Roma

  11. What a load of crap this story is! Gazzeta reporters must be like “oh Ronaldo wants to leave united and Jose is at Roma, that fits!” lol Well Rafael Leao is Portuguese and has Mendes as an agent, doesn’t mean he us coming to Milan! The Bayern track seems more feasible. If Lewandovski leaves for Barca then maybe.

  12. People seem to think Roma is the Roman Empire. No, they’re very different. Roma is NOT a big club under anyone’s imagination. They’re a good team, yes, and that’s about it. Slim to no chance of winning Serie A and Ronaldo wants the CL. So what would be his motivation at Roma other than to meet up with Mourinho? Let’s be realistic here. This is bull of the highest order.

  13. I love Roma. I’m also a CR7 fan. However I just don’t understand the thinking here. Roma pushed out Totti and DeRossi (2 club legends) because they are too old, and now they are going to sign a 37 year old? Also, if CR7 wants champions league, Bayern makes way more sense.

  14. @FORZA Juve
    Are you sure he loves football for the football itself ?
    I think he loves the feeling when he wins and more specificaly when he wins on a personal level I Guess ( Goals, Trophies )
    I don’t think he really loves football when he loses. no one loves football when they lose
    That’s what i’m saying. he isn’t winning on a club level anymore , he isn’t winning any more Ballon d’ors and thats making him angry. I think that’s obvious . Punching a teen’s cellphone after he lost , yelling at MANUTD players , Leaving the ball when he shouldn’t, Those are all signs of frustration.
    I’m a juve fan and I’ve always enjoyed watching him , but I don’t think he really enjoyed football after Real Madrid , cuz he ain’t winning anymore

  15. U all have good points and we will what happens at the end but to those ppl who feel that they need to be little any team for whatever reason just shows immaturity

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