Jordan: ‘Ibrahimovic abolished the concept of age’

by | Oct 14, 2021 16:40

Former Milan player Joe Jordan finds Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s form at age 40 ‘simply unbelievable. It’s like he abolished the concept of age.’

The Sweden international is ready to make his comeback after knee surgery and an aggravated Achilles tendon, so should be on the bench this weekend against Hellas Verona.

He celebrated his 40th birthday earlier this month and is raring to get back on the pitch.

“I find him simply unbelievable,” Jordan told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“You cannot believe he’s 40 years old. It’s like Ibrahimovic abolished the concept of age. He has a remarkable physique, but it’s the mind that is the key.

“If Milan have improved so much since his arrival, it is also thanks to what Zlatan brought to the table. You can see how the team has evolved, they are more confident, because having someone like that who has won everywhere with this enormous personality, that changes you.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


  1. Vogel

    He’ll only abolish the concept of age if he actually plays. Right now all the injuries are just proving that bodies can’t cope at this level, not even if you’re Zlatan.

  2. Matt

    I agree with Vogel. Only thing being proved is that time waits for no man. Not only is he not able to play, the training in itself seems too much for him. Imgaine if Totti and De Rossi could get away with playing 7 games a year…believe they would still be doing it.

  3. Ram

    Ibra scored 15 goals in 19 games last year. I’d say he’s doing pretty well. Serie A is a slow league though. Would love to see him score a few in the champions league.

  4. Mil

    @Ram, you mean a 6mil/season player at Milan played 19 games last season????

  5. IDGAF

    Again with the zlatan BS. He isn’t doing s**t. The dude isn’t even playing. 7.5 million just to play half a season? Not even? All he does is talk and the others keep talking him up like he has actually been playing!!

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