January signings, Kessié and Pioli extensions: Gazidis returns to Milan with busy agenda

by | Oct 13, 2021 11:49

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan director Ivan Gazidis will return to Milan by the beginning of next week with a number of issues to take care of, from Franck Kessiè’s contract extension to January signings.

Gazidis was diagnosed with throat cancer in July and spent the last few months in New York to receive treatment.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, he will return to Milan at the end of this week or at the beginning of the next one to oversee several hot matters at the club.

Gazidis won’t attend the game against Hellas Verona or travel with the team to Porto, but he wants to be in charge of the club’s crucial issues over the next few weeks.

According to the report, the former Arsenal director will discuss the club’s transfer budget for the January transfer window.

Milan: Maignan undergoing wrist surgery: out for two months?

Milan have just reached an agreement to sign Antonio Mirante as a free agent, given that their goalkeeper Mike Maignan will remain out of action for up to two months with a wrist injury.

However, the Rossoneri seem to have more new signings in mind, with a right winger and a creative midfielder on their shopping list.

Franck Kessié’s contract extension is probably the most significant matter of concern for the club.

The Ivorian midfielder sees his contract expire at the end of the season and the Serie A giants are nowhere close to reaching an agreement with him.

“An important player needs a contract that is up to his standards,” Kessié’s agent said on Tuesday.

“For too long, people have been saying things in the wrong way. I am sorry for those who read these stories and believe them to be true.”

Kessie agent: ‘Milan need contract up to his standards’

According to multiple reports in Italy, Kessié wants a new €8m-a-year deal, while Milan can’t offer more than €6.5m.

Stefano Pioli’s contract also runs out in the summer. The Rossoneri have a unilateral clause they can use to extend his stay at the club, but the club’s directors are expected to sit down with their coach and negotiate a contract extension and a pay rise.

Gazidis will also oversee the project for a new stadium in Milan, which is considered a priority by both the Rossoneri and Inter.


  1. Chris

    If it was up to me I would offer ridiculous contracts to all players like Kessie, but make them average contracts with ridiculous bonuses.. So if he has an extraordinary season, he gets extraordinary pay, if he has an average season he gets average pay. Kessie once went on record – when asked about how he never stops running – as saying he gets paid for it and people in Africa run/walk for miles and live in poverty. I don’t think Kessie is overly bothered with such a large wage, his agent – as agents do – are trying to get as much money as possible.

  2. putuco

    @Chris, dont get fooled, the players are the same as agents, they want more, more, more. Nothing new, anyway
    Kessie is just another guy who will be forgotten as Donnarumma or Flopnoglu. He will tank when leaves Milan, you will see

  3. ALEX

    I agree with you Putuco, these players just have just one wonderful season and it was because of the synergy in the team, not necessarily their individual efforts.

    if Kessie is asking for 8M, what about Ibra who has given soul and courage to this team, what about Kyaer.

    they will not do better if they leave Milan, just watch and see.

  4. DB Milan

    @Chris I tend to agree with you. Its not all the agent but likely mainly the agent. How anyone thinks we can just let our best midfielder for the last 2 years go and forget about him is beyond ridiculous. We need to keep him, he’s the driving force. Donnarumma was important but replaceable and Calhanoglu was just never good enough so they weren’t as big a loss as Kessie would be.

  5. Ralph

    Milan is in a phrase now where any good player will fit in with ease, any good player will fit in an already oiled mechanism, people say they shoudnt have allowed Chala left because of 1M as hes the engine room of the team, they should have made an effort to renew him, but here we are, they havent even replace him, i mean can you beta that? we are still looking for replacement and a player who was deemed as not good enough last season has already surpassed him, Kessie earns 2.2M and this is his first renewal with Milan and 5-6M is not enough ? so what are we gonna offer THEO, BENACCER etc in 2-3 years time? Milan is not PSG OR MAN CITY so the best time to deal with these issues before it gets out of hand and destroy the good work the club is doing for 2-3 years is NOW, its better to get these players out now, even if it means you lose them for peanut or zero, no player is irreplaceable, I will replace a 12M Donarumma with a 3M Maignan every day of the week and I will do it twice on a weekend. Rubbish.

  6. poooop

    Sell him in January, bring 1 new midfeilder, we have bennacer in form, tonali in form and bakayako that is better then kessie when in form. Kessie showed vs top teams that he is not worldclass levels, liverpool destroyed him, and after that he ahd series of bad games.
    Sell in January for 20M and let him understand he is good because of piolis system and style ofplay, without that he is avrage.

  7. DB Milan

    @Ralph We have replaced Chala. Brahim Diaz is twice the 10 he ever was.

    @poooop Bakayoko better than Kessie? I’ve heard it all now.

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