‘It’s pointless to meet again’: what Juventus director told Dybala’s agent

by | Mar 22, 2022 10:40

According to Il Corriere dello Sport and La Repubblica newspapers, Juventus director Federico Cherubini confirmed the decision to part ways with Paulo Dybala with a phone call with the striker’s agent: ‘It’s pointless to meet again, we won’t keep him.’

The Argentinean’s time in Turin will end in the summer after a seven-year spell at the club. Talks to extend his stay at the club led nowhere and Juventus didn’t even make a new proposal in the last meeting with the player’s representatives yesterday.

Jorge Antun and Carlos Novel met Juventus’ directors for two hours at Continassa yesterday. Andrea Agnelli didn’t attend the meeting and was seen leaving the club’s headquarters before the arrival of Dybala’s representatives. He returned to Continassa minutes after their exit.

According to Il Corriere dello Sport and La Repubblica, Juventus confirmed their decision to part ways with Dybala with a phone call after the meeting with Dybala’s agents. La Repubblica reports Cherubini told Antun: ‘It’s pointless to meet again, we won’t keep him.’

Maurizio Arrivabene spoke to Sky Sport Italia yesterday, confirming that Dybala is no longer part of the club’s plan for the future and that making a low contract offer would not have been respectful to the Argentinean star.



  1. Muzaffar

    Just when you think Agnelli cannot be any more of a weasel he goes ahead and pulls a stunt like this LOL!!!!!

    Seriously, I know Juve has previous form, but even still what a way to give gratitude to a player who has served the club so well!!!!

  2. Zambrotta

    @Muzaffar Served the club so well? By being injured for 2 years and demanding a pay increase? And by only performing in one out of 5 games?

  3. Danny

    Re: Muzzafar

    You make it sound like that he played for free whilst at Juve!

    He was well paid and is no longer part of the project, what’s the problem? Would you be calling Dybala a weasel if he turned round to Juve and said “I don’t want to stay, I want to leave on a free”?

    Players and agents have all the power, nice to see a club taking some control back. He’ll walk off to Inter and get covered in millions of Euros so I wouldn’t worry to much about Dybala.

  4. Andy

    Mixed feeling as I do like him , but it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. . Dybala needs to understand the fact that he hardly played last season and that he’s missed almost as many games this season to injury. He was never available at the time the team and fans needed him the most.

  5. Miwsher

    Thank you, Zambrotta and others. Dybala had his good games, but it can’t be ignored that he isn’t a reliable figure: re injuries, consistency, lack of influence and leadership. He can’t be compared to club stalwarts like del Piero and Buffon who chose to stay with the team despite relegation, and even they aren’t bigger than the team.

  6. Gio

    Some people are delusional. Dybala never ever even remotely came close to meeting expectations. He’s shown flashes of brilliance sporadically over the last 7 years and rarely ever in a pivotal moment – especially on the European stage. He’s constantly injured. He doesn’t really fit in with Allegri’s formations. This is what’s undoubtedly best for both player and club. I wish Dybala well, but he never came close to living up to being a true number 10.


    This is a great move, in my humble opinion.

    Player’s talk a lot these days, but if he really loved Juve as much as he claimed he would have accepted the previous lower offers, understanding his physical problems have hindered his importance to the team.

    I love the player and am grateful for what he’s given us, but unfortunately modern football requires fit and versatile wide players – the day of the trequartista is unfortunately in the past.

    I just hope that whatever money is invested in a replacement is not wasted on another injury prone player.

  8. Abdel

    He has his time here and there, there are hope he will be around for a long time, but oftentimes he vanished from the game just like that. He’s good, but that’s it. It would be interesting if he join Inter though. Just to spice up thing.

  9. Roy

    Agree with Andy and Juvefan…


    Atletico de Madrid are surely capable of offering him more money than Inter.

    To be seen if he wants to stick it to the Old Lady or not

  11. joe

    Somebody please explain this to me:

    Dybala – 113 goals in 7 years = a God in Juve fan’s eyes, worthy of Juventus doing everything possible to keep him….

    Ronaldo – same amount of goals in 3 years = the worst thing to happen to Juventus, thankfully he’s gone….

    Dybala had 7 years to bring a CL – did not.

    No sense.

  12. Gman

    Juve needs to stop overpaying for players and offering excessive salaries. That’s what got them in to trouble. Stop trying to compete with EPL financially and go back to your own model. Players and teams take time to gel. Dybala’s injury record is questionable but the flip side is that now after 7 years you can see the potential attacking partnership that Vlahovic, Dybala, Chiesa and Morata could have been playing together. Whereas before Juve didn’t really have this. Because of poor financial and management decisions that opportunity is now lost.



    Dybala never tried to divide the locker room and make everything all about him.

    Also, Ronaldo never brought any Champions League success either.

    Plenty of sense!

  14. Ros

    Smart choice, Arrivabene. Dybala is turning into a burden. He’s not fit for important fixtures, he’s not performing in vital games even when he’s fit, he’s demanding a salary that could easily cover both Zaniolo and Raspadori (both will come relatively cheap).
    Dybala had everything – great salary (7.3M + bonuses), captain’s armband, preferred player to start. He’s not grateful. Out the door! If Juve swallows this one, other players will follow the same path. No more CR7s, please. If you want to get an experienced great player – get Lewandowski, Salah, even Pogba. We need a team, and not a boyband.

  15. Joe

    Fino Allo Fine – Ronaldo divided the room? Everyone kissed his arse until he left. Bunch of pansies. Enjoy mediocrity dude. Yo team aint good bruh

  16. JUtro je

    Forwards get paid to score goals. As noted above by Joe, the only one who did that consistency in the past 10 years is Ronaldo. Divide the locker room or not – dude scored almost a goal per game while there. Dybala played every other game while there. Ha.

  17. putuco

    LOL at the delusion of “Zaniolo will come cheap”
    Or Raspadori giving them a leap of quality
    People did not learn the lesson with Locatelli and still want average players and be competitive in UCL

    [email protected]

  18. Jarod KNowles

    That Vlahovic, Dybala, Morata looked pretty lethal… and then Dybala gets injured again. It’s a shame as they were formidable for a game or two.

    Also I agree that Ronaldo contributed immensely to the team. Always focused and I don’t think he ever got injured.

  19. Abdul Azim

    Yes he was injury prone but club mistreated him!

  20. Many wise guys

    Phenomenal player but two things sticks out: Injury prone and never showed up in the big games in CL.

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