Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini delivered a worrying message to coach Massimiliano during the disastrous 1-0 defeat to Empoli on Saturday.

The Bianconeri must spend the international break to turn things around at Continassa, as they have collected one point from the first two Serie A games in 2021-22.

Leonardo Bonucci broke the silence this morning by vowing to ‘work and get results’ after the poor start to the new campaign and during the match against Empoli, when Leonardo Mancuso scored the only goal, Chiellini gave a worrying reply to Allegri when asked what they were witnessing at the Allianz Stadium.

Bonucci breaks the silence: ‘Juve are not the ones from yesterday’

A dialogue took place on the sidelines between Allegri and Chiellini, when the two were talking about the team’s difficulties during the second round of fixtures.

The coach covered his mouth when he spoke to the Italy defender and the centre-back shook his head and replied: ‘It’s not a team’.

The statement from the veteran might make it obvious that the Bianconeri are in the starting phase of a complete reconstruction, but definitely expected more from the two first games.

18 thought on “‘It’s not a team’ – Chiellini delivers worrying message to Allegri”
  1. The expression on Chiellini face says it all.
    I hope he’s thinking in his head that it’s the man next to me that ruining the team.

  2. I think Allegri thinks there is an I in team.Juve have gone backwards compared to
    when Pirlo was in charge. Serie B here we come.

  3. 0 cohesion. i mean for a while it has been going sideways but we scored last week so it`s not the actual talent; it`s a mental issue. also a line up issue. why isn`t Locatelli starting? the lineupp yesterday was atrocious. bentancur is absolutely not up to standard and we should cash in on mckennie RIGHT NOW. Aouar on loan as PRIORITY , Tchouameni in. or even hazard. we need a standard that is proven.

  4. Lol martinn you think good players want to come to juve and wasting their time playing our pathetic football under this clown coach? You idiots never get it, dont you? Soon Chiesa, De Ligt, Kulu and other good young players will leave this sinking ship.

  5. Allegri has had 2 games. Stop the hysteria. It’s the reason why he’s a manager and you guys aren’t.

  6. Look at all the knee-jerk clowns on here lol.
    It’s 2 games in – relax.
    I don’t know what people were expecting from Allegri. He’s in charge of the worst Juve squad in 10 years.
    They’re broke, like most Serie A sides, and have a few days left in the market, so don’t expect much improvement. Top 4 and CL L16 or QF would be an achievement for this squad.
    The Juve board have let the squad deteriorate over the last 4 or 5 years.

  7. Alegri it is not a courage coach. He changes week by week the formations. His juve plays slowly like a snake. Players are almostly the same characteristics. It misses technical players in midfield.
    Also a fault have and their directors.
    So this juve has not personality. It is suffering the whole year.

  8. Even though it’s just 2 games but we should have seen hope
    But trust me Danilo is not even good at right back before I say midfield
    Juve must bring in few players like Vlahovic, Zaniolo, Aouar etc

  9. Serie a is becoming patheric. You cannot even find it on tV, Dazn dropped it. The rights are a debacle, the teams are shedding talent like ive never seen. Itsso sad and gross. How can you blame Ronaldo? Id try and leave as well. Same old coaches, borong styles. Watch ligue 1 overtake it.

  10. Having not played any of the friendlies … Locatelli should have been given atleast 15-20 mins run last week so that he could have played most of the 2nd half if not start against Empoli. Allegri is treating these matches like trials .. what’s this tactic with Danilo ❓❓🙄

    Too much load on Chiesa and that’s why he got gassed and had to be substituted … feel bad for him ☹️

  11. Right message. Although its only been whispered to a wrong ears.

    Since day one I believe we will won nothing this season. Roma, Inter, Atalanta and Milan looks way more solid and had established their system.

    Not surprised if we dont reach Europe next season.

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