‘It’s foul’ Pioli complains over Porto’s goal

by | Oct 19, 2021 22:09

Milan coach Stefano Pioli complained about Porto’s goal with referee Felix Brych after the Rossoneri’s 1-0 loss in Portugal.

Milan have three defeats from their opening three Champions League games.

A Luis Dias goal gave Porto all three points at the Estadio Do Dragao, but Milan players complained as Taremi collided with Ismael Bennacer on the edge of the box just before Dias scored the eventual winner.

Even Stefano Pioli could not hide his disappointment.

Before entering the tunnel, he stopped to talk to referee Felix Brych, clearly telling him ‘It was foul, it was foul.’

This season, the Rossoneri are not quite lucky with referees in Champions League. Turkish official Cüneyt Çakır conceded a controversial late penalty kick to Atletico Madrid last month, leading to Milan’s 2-1 defeat.

The Rossoneri need to win the next three group stage games to keep their qualification hopes alive.

They host Porto at San Siro on November 3 before visiting Atletico Madrid on November 24.

They play the last group stage game at home against Liverpool on December 7.


  1. Isaac

    Ac Milan, should focus on Europa,the ref don’t want them in ucl

  2. victor

    Pioli, stop blaming the referee. Why don’t you admit that Milan had no idea how to build an attack. When our players had the ball, they just did not know what to do with it.

  3. Isaac

    I don’t really trust mr pioli technicalities, Ac Milan should focus on Europa league, refs also help to push Milan out of the ucl

  4. Incredible

    STOP complaining please, milan don’t have enough quality to play in this year champions league. many players don’t deserve to wear milan Jersey. It is sad to watch milan play poorly tonight. Pioli should use this season to gather ad instil experience, momentum and confidence ahead of next season. Fonza milan

  5. Milan Fan

    The performance wasn’t there from Milan as we couldn’t deal with injuries to our key players and Porto deservedly won, but that goal was scored on a blatant foul on Bennacer. Taremi was not interested in playing the ball at all, he just looked at Bennacer (like Bonucci did with Busquets) and barged into him. Preposterous how referees have damaged Milan in CL this season.

    To people criticizing Milan and Pioli, they forgot Milan had good performances against both Liverpool and Atletico with a full team of inexperienced CL debutants. This match was decided by Milan’s absentees.

  6. Joe schmoe

    Hey hey hey, the team line is injuries, there were too many injuries not the referee thing, we need to save that excuse. This time the excuse is injuries. Say it, injuries. All the supporters are saying injuries. Only Milan get to have the INJURIES excuse, all the other teams that have knocks and hurts, we said injuries first so they couldn’t use it… only Milan with the excuses for being winless in CL

  7. Babu dIbba

    This is football, it goes with luck, Milan not just lucky loosing key players period, but is a good team, Liverpool only looses Vandik and suffered, so this is football, Forza Milan

  8. Mike

    We played poor today, no one can deny that, quality in the depth of the squad is lacking at CL level and its clear that ANY team would struggle without 5 first choice players and two bench players, not only do the injuries mean the team is weak but it also has to be said the 5 players that have been playing all matches looked very tired as a result too, Its not over until its over and if we have seen anything from this Milan team its that they will fight to the end. FORZA MILAN!!!

    Well done Inter btw 🙂

  9. Mike

    Refs have been a joke also fk them

  10. Matt

    Milans triumphant return to the UCL lol

  11. Interista dM

    No PK’s given to Porto today. A shame. I was looking forward to seeing Milan’s green laser game.

  12. viktor

    Played on par with Liverpool and should have won against Atletico.. We all know that. Dont make up any other bs. Yesterday was a horrible game and the first one in over a year. Milan played badly on every aspect. However, without Rebic, Theo, Diaz, and Maigan… Key players its though. Love how people jump the hate train as soon as Milan lose a game

  13. Abdel

    Lol farmer club wants to try UCL. It’s over go back to your garden. Forza Inter.

  14. Rosso Joburg

    Ref let a lot go but called the game the same for both teams. Kessie would have been great with this ref as he was lenient to physicality.

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