Luciano Spalletti agrees that this Spain are a little more direct than in the past, but ‘it depends on who plays as a centre-forward.’

The Azzurri boss held a press conference on Wednesday, the eve of a key EURO 2024 Group B match.

Spain beat Croatia on their debut in the competition last week but didn’t win the possession for the first time in ten years. Nevertheless, Spalletti doesn’t see a big change of style in their team.

Spalletti: ‘Spain more direct, but it depends on one thing’

“I think they are similar. This team gets the ball forward a bit more quickly; they are a little more direct, but it depends on who plays as a centre-forward,” he said.

“There are three forwards who have different skill sets. Morata is the best at running in behind. He’s not lazy. He runs a great deal. In terms of meters cover and speed, his numbers are incredible. This allows them to be more direct.”

Click here to read every word Spalletti said during today’s pre-match press conference.

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