Italy leapfrog England in FIFA World Rankings

by | Oct 13, 2021 16:05

Italy will leapfrog England into fourth place in the FIFA World Rankings this month after securing the Nations League bronze medal.

According to the calculations made by Calcio e Finanza, the latest results on international duty will make a big difference in the FIFA World Rankings.

Italy had been in fifth place in September, with Belgium first, followed by Belgium, England and France.

However, the triumph at UEFA EURO 2020, the 37-match unbeaten run setting a new all-time world record for international teams and third place in the Nations League all boost the Azzurri’s position.

They will be fourth in October, while Nations League victors France climb to third position.

These results push England back down to fifth after their win over Andorra and draw with Hungary.

Despite losing both the Nations League semi-final to France and the third place final to Italy, Belgium will continue to be top of the rankings.


  1. Serie a legend

    How is Belgium still ranked #1 what a farce!

  2. joe del monte

    Belgium has never won anything, what has Brazil done lately? France is the world cup and Nation’s league champs. It should be France Italy Argentina England Brazil. These rankings are meaningless.

  3. Kruizer

    Well it helps Italy stay in top 7 before World Cup group stage draw is made, that’s all that matters. First they have to beat Switzerland next month to ensure qualification

  4. Jarod KNowles

    it should be France 1 italy 2 but how is italy 4 when we beat begle twice in summer-or better yest let’s put spain as No1 for histrionics and antics or Italy no1 for getting nitpicked on at every tourney -we now have Sweden accusing italy of this and that

  5. Dan

    haha…now they leap frog them. ENGLAND has never been better than Azzurri; for heavens sake they’re so ‘lost’ they kept chanting about a trophy coming home that they’d never won and ended up losing on home field to the greater Azzurri. standings are junk, everyone knows its Italy and France battling these days for 1-2.
    England needs to go join Belgium on being heavily overrated.

  6. Geedup

    What they’re pretty much saying is that it’s more important to win qualifiers than actual tournaments because that’s the only reason Belgium are top and England stay in the top 5 so often.

  7. Tony

    Pay no attention to these idiotic and pathetic FIFA rankings!


    My personal rankings based on accomplishments and the eye test tell me the following

    1) Italy (3 years until they lost a match and that was against Spain with 10 men..and won euros)

    2) France (defending WC champions, bounced from Euros but rebounded during UEFA league) I think Italy defeats them 1 v 1 which is why I edge Italy in front)

    3) Spain (best technical team in the world and on any given day can defeat both teams in front of them

    4) Argentina

    5) Brazil

    6) England

    7) Belgium (I’m not betting on the Belgium defense vs England offense)

    8) Germany

    9) Portugal

    10) Denmark

  9. dangerboy

    Don’t care about Ranking.

    England have 1 foot and 1 toe in Qatar. We don’t.

    Qualification to the World Cup should be all that matters.

  10. Roy Ombima

    So as far Belgium are ranked first, it’s meangless, I have never seen them winning anything

  11. Bob

    I’d rank England. 10th… maybe 12 – there are easily that many more national teams that are better

  12. Bob

    @ Roy, England hasn’t won anything in the modern era… maybe during the stone ages

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