Italy international Frattesi claims he’s ‘hacked’ after naked selfie

Sassuolo and Italy midfielder Davide Frattesi claims his ‘phone was hacked’ after publishing a completely naked selfie on Instagram.

The 22-year-old is in the process of a high-profile transfer back to his former club Roma, at a cost of over €20m.

He also had three senior caps for Italy, all of them earned this month in the Nations League.

However, Frattesi hit the headlines for unfortunate reasons today when fans spotted a completely naked picture in his Instagram Stories feed.

It was quickly deleted and Frattesi published a message that did little to fully explain the situation.

“Sorry guys, but someone has somehow hacked my phone and this photograph was published… I’m sorry!”

That message too was then taken down very quickly, presumably because it did not explain why he was taking naked selfies in the first place.

People were quick to take screencaps of the moment and it went viral in Italy, albeit in a censored form.

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  1. Why it was taken…. Because he is 22 year old why do you think they act like 22 year olds live these saint like lives hes on a vacation seriously this is such a non news item papers are really bored

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