Italy FA chief Gravina on World Cup hopes: ‘Zero’ possibility of recall

by | May 18, 2022 16:34

Gabriele Gravina, chief of the Italian FA, has poured cold water on any hopes Azzurri fans had of Italy sneaking a place a the 2022 World Cup.

Roberto Mancini’s side suffered a shock defeat to North Macedonia in the play-offs but on Monday, former CONI committee member Franco Chimenti said Italy still had a chance due to the possibility Ecuador could be expelled.

The South Americans are under investigation for falsifying the documents of one of a player and, in case of expulsion, Chimenti said FIFA would admit the highest-ranked nation who didn’t qualify which is Italy.

However, Gravina said that, having spoken to world football’s governing body, he has been assured that isn’t the case.

Asked at the federal council in Rome what the chances of Italy being readmitted to the World Cup were, he replied: “Zero.

“Europe has 13 available places and they have been taken up. Should a place become available in South America, it would go to a South American nation.

“We have spoken to FIFA and the response was completely negative.”

Italy have won just two competitive matches since winning Euro 2020 as they lost to Spain in UEFA Nations League semi-finals and finished second to Switzerland in their World Cup qualifying group.


  1. ALe

    shame on football italia for giving false hopes to the weak agaion

  2. Carletto

    Lol there was never a chance. Blame Jorginho for missing two crucial penalties for this failure and the rest of Mancini’s pets.

    It’s still so disgraceful that this happened. Italy missing back to back world cups as euro champions in the last minute to North Macedonia…in what world…

    Keep bringing those Brazilian rejects Mancini. They’re gonna take you far. Idiot..

  3. NOrata

    Well, Carletto, while I do mostly agree with your sentiment, this same Mancini won the Euros which is something Italy hadn’t done since 68. And Jorginho is certainly at fault for missing 2 penalties but his contributions thus far have been notable. This is the thing with Italian fans, they’re never happy. What other nations wouldn’t give to achieve what we have.


    Italy needs to bring in PhD Max with his clean shaven head and sack. It would be great to see my lover boy continue his successes and achievments and all because of my regular ‘deposits’ onto his lovely tongue after it caresses my balls.

  5. geedup

    @NOrata 100% agree with you. The same Switzerland or England would change places with Italy in a heartbeat and happily miss the WC if it meant they won the Euros in Italy’s place. Obviously it’s more painful because Italy also failed to qualify for WC2018 but would fans of the Azzurri prefer to qualify for every single WC and never win any tournaments? The damage has been done so rather than cry over it, it’s time to forge ahead.

  6. Rob

    A nation like Italy should not have to choose between winning titles every now and then and not qualifying for major tournaments a few times. That is not good enough.


    If they are disqualified the rule is that the spot goes to the highest ranking team (Italy), why would it go to the next team in a group or continent. It’s an international cup so the highest ranking is Italy. The other day bought a frozen slice of pizza at a 7/11 but top end sags from MW, I feel bad as it has lots of mozzarella and delicious just looking at it. Along comes my crisper tray and presto the top half is well cooked. As I munch it I ask myself why this slice a mere $5 covers the entire plate and the pizza joint across my street is $10 for a small with rather thin center and covers same plate size. I opt in for the 7/11 and crisper tray. I have the answers here- Italy is highest rank and when the other is disqualified bring it on babydoll!

  8. Feroli

    Italy got to the WC final in 1970, 82, 94, 2006 and the Euro finals in 68, 2000, 2014, 2020 plus semi final in 78 and 90. This consistency is bettered only by Germany and Brazil. WCs since 2006 have been a steady stream of disasters. But in between those disasters have been 2 Euro finals. And the Euros are harder to win as all the teams are European and therefore the best – other than Brazil and Argentina. The recent WCs are an anomaly and concern.

  9. Carlet


    Mancini should’ve realized that he needed to make some changes when the results weren’t coming last 5 games. Leaving Zaccagni, sensi, balotelli, frattesi and zaniolo out against Macedonia was wrong.

  10. Brandon

    When was FIFA Rankings first used? Think it was 1993.

    Only asking because yesterday the example of Denmark replacing Yugoslavia at Euro’92 was used and it was based on rule regarding FIFA Rankings.

  11. Vittorio

    Just goes to prove how UEFA and FiFA are anti-Italian and their bias keeps shining through.

    FIFA will go out of it’s way to appeal to Asian, African and Oceanic nations if the roles were reversed.

  12. rg

    ya know LORD ALLEGRI PATRON SAINT OF SLOW BALL, you are not a satirist, not even a smart writer. and the obsession with banging on the one note re: allegri makes you seems small.
    how about taking the needle off that groove…we all get it even without your reminders on unrelated topics

  13. Gel

    @Feroli – I totally disagree with you that the Euros are harder to win. How can this be? Can you see Denmark or Greece winning the World Cup?
    Brazil, Argentina & Uruguay are not in the Euros and between them they have won nine World Cups! That is not a small detail.
    Italy’s failure to do well in the World Cup since 2006 shows that there is something fundamentally wrong with the national team, irrespective of doing well in the Euros.
    There is no comparison between the World Cup & the Euros; full stop!


    rg Never i like to lick Lord Allegri’s little testies all day

  15. yomamah

    keep trolling azzurri fans with such crap ?!! even tho this world cup and FIFA are so corrupt, it is the last “traditional” world cup before it becomes a watered-down money grab joke in 2026.
    god it would of been nice see to Italy back representing as euro champs, like it shoulda been. missing it again is truly unforgiving shame as its way worse this time around as we had it in the bag twice… and failed at 3 other chances to seal a ticket to Qatar.
    it’ll be 12 years since they played at a world cup come 2026, if they even qualify.


    Come on rg.
    It must be tough hiding in the closet just screaming to be let out. Come on out and join me and be free. PhD Max can fondle yours like he does mine.
    Maybe we can even swordfight??
    Here’s hoping.

  17. rg

    ‘PhD Max can fondle yours like he does mine.
    Maybe we can even swordfight??’

    i visit other sites when i seek that kind of activity – call me an old fashioned orthodox but i never mix meat and diary

  18. Jean Pierre farrugia

    When Bayern won the Bundesliga for a decade German national team weakened. When Serie A level of football deteriorated and Juventus won 9 consecutive titles, Italy national team stopped qualifying for World Cup . Since Bosman ruling in 1995 few Italians play in top Serie A sides and very few Italians are playing in top divisions outside Italy.

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