Italy confirm candidacy to host Euro 2028 or 2032

by | Jan 26, 2022 17:37

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina confirms Italy will present their candidacy to host the 2028 or 2032 European Championship, which could finally spark action to reconstruct stadiums.

He had previously hinted there would be a bid to run Euro 2028 or the 2030 World Cup, the latter perhaps in conjunction with another nation such as Saudi Arabia.

However, this is a smaller prospect and one that would give the country more time to resolve their stadium crisis.

“The decisive step for the 2028 Euros is in March and we will present our candidacy before the UEFA Executive committee on March 20, which is also open for 2032,” said Gravina during a press conference.

“We will evaluate one of the two options. We’ll do it in serious fashion, because there is great desire for renewal of infrastructures, for example in Florence, Cagliari, Bologna and Bari.”

These are all projects that have been in limbo for many years due to the extreme red tape of Italian regional politics.

Florence is one of the clearest situations, where Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso repeatedly railed in American media at the refusal of politicians to let him invest in building a new arena or even reconstructing the existing Stadio Artemio Franchi.

Most of the stadiums used in Serie A were last given an overhaul when Italy hosted the 1990 World Cup.

It is hoped the deadlines and funding of hosting another tournament such as the Euros in 2028 or 2032 will finally unblock some of these channels and allow for work to begin.

Roma are another club who for over a decade have been frustrated by their plans to build a stadium in the city away from the Stadio Olimpico, which they share with Lazio and the Italy rugby team.



  1. Azzurro FAn

    Is this some type of a joke? Estonia has better stadiums! Start building some new stadiums then you can talk about hosting something.

  2. 1MIKEJ

    takes at least 10y to get a stadium built in Italy so 2032 most realistic, they will probably use the San siro for the opening ceremony since new one wont be built in time

  3. Stam

    San Siro, Olympico, Bergamo, Napoli – sure renovate.

    Italy still has ruins of stadoums buillt in nowhere where no one comes for games

  4. Mikkel

    It’s imperative that Italy build new stadiums.
    Inter and Milan 60.000
    Roma 45.000
    Lazio 45.000
    Napoli 45.000
    Fiorentina 41.000
    The rest 15.000-30.000
    Juventus have a great 41.000 seater stadium.


    Many stadiums are awful in Italy, and far too big for a country that struggles to attract fans. Look at the white elephant in Bari.

    Winning a bid is probably the only hope in hell there is of anything getting done, and even then it’ll probably be a quick paint job, new seats, and a hope no one notices the crumbling concrete underneath.

  6. Frankie

    Unfortunately, I think you’re right Ferban. It will only ever be a quick and dirty renovation job which does nothing for the medium and long term sustainability of the stadiums. Poor stadiums is the single biggest issue in Italian football. Look at how a new stadium has benefited Juventus. Imagine if other clubs owned their own brand new stadiums, the league would be flying.

  7. Mikkel

    Agree Frankie.

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