Italy coach Mancini to call up Balotelli for first time in three years

by | Jan 22, 2022 12:29

Italy coach Roberto Mancini will call up Mario Balotelli for the first time in three years for the upcoming international break.

The 31-year-old Italian forward is currently playing for Adana Demirspor in Turkey and he has been performing well, scoring seven goals and providing two assists in 18 Super Lig appearances this campaign. He has finally found his footing following disappointing spells with Brescia and Monza.

As reported by Fabrizio Romano, Mancini has decided to call up Balotelli for the upcoming international break, re-joining the Azzurri set up for the first time in three years.

The former Inter forward’s last appearance for Italy came in September 2018, when Italy drew 1-1 with Poland in the Nations League. His last goal came back in May 2018, in a 2-1 friendly win over Saudi Arabia.

Balotelli and Mancini have a long history, working together at Inter and Manchester City, and the Italian coach is known to be found of the Palermo-born forward.


  1. Milan Fan

    Jesus not this again.

  2. Acemilan

    This of course is a big gamble!

    Lets you know where we are when you have to roll the dice now!

  3. tom

    they need to play scamacca – he scores goals – no one else does on this team

  4. Adriano

    Come on guys we trying to make the biggest tournament in the world. Balo right foot better then all these forwards combined. Immobile, Scamacca, Belotti, Kean, Raspadori. He’s a gamechanger and without Spinna or Chiesa we are left with Insigne.

  5. joe del monte

    Man are we desperate

  6. Muto

    I feel better than calling up Emerson.

  7. Zog

    I can imagine Balotelli getting sent off against Portugal in the play off and Italy missing out on the world cup again.

  8. Frank

    Balotelli is the only centre forward italy have who is a match winner at this level. He’s back in form so why not take the chance. Better than putting all Italys hope on Scamacca, he does not need so much responsibility for the Azzurri when he’s just started his international career. Great decision.

  9. Brandon

    I need clarification.

    The “upcoming International Break” is at the end of this month, January 2022, as CONCACAF and CONMEBOL have World Cup Qualifiers. Maybe even AFC and Oceania for all I know. But certainly the 2 former.

    So are Italy having a Training Camp at the end of January? Or is this potential callup for March and our Playoff?

  10. Scuzzilla

    Terrible move, mancini’s job is on the line now

  11. Galea

    Azzurri in crises to fall for Balo!!

  12. Abdul Azim

    It’s only because Chiesa is injured!

  13. the sicilian

    With Chiesa out it’s big hit. He’s changing it up which is not necessarily a bad thing. Mancini is looking for a boost and what better way to do that then play Balotelli vs North Macedonia. Balotelli is from Palermo. Don’t think for a minute he isn’t gonna give it his all. Call me crazy I think it’s gonna be something special. Forza Azzurri sempre

  14. Brandon

    If we beat North Macedonia and play in Turkey or Portugal, then I’m sure Immobile is goimg to start. He has to. 18 Goals in 19 Matches is a great return.

    BUT. It’s going to be a short hook for him. I can easily see Balo or Scamacca come in. If Balo comes in he will light a fire under them. I can easily see he punch somebody and I don’t mean Pepe. He will do it to a teammate if they aren’t pulling their weight.

  15. The Queens Half Corgi

    @ the sicilian

    Might have been born in Palermo but he identifies as being from Brescia having moved there when he was a toddler. I”m splitting hairs, but you make a good point. This team needs a kick in the backside and this can do it.

  16. Cross Your fingers

    Omg… relax everyone …
    It’s Last chance mentality…
    It might be a needle
    I’m a haystack but you never know.
    Gotta entertain all options.
    He’s gonna have pretty well stand on his head to get into the starting 11.
    Give him the opportunity to shine at a ripe age of 31.🤔

  17. Bob

    HUGE mistake and desperation move.. I can’t believe Italy won the Euro.. this team is in shambles right now…

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