There are concerns that Mattia Zaccagni will clash with Nicolò Zaniolo on international duty for Italy, as a woman came between the Lazio and Roma stars.



La Repubblica newspaper outlined the story and worries of personality clashes between the city rivals.

Zaniolo joins the Italy squad today for training, as the Roma players were given extra time off following the Conference League Final.

It was during the victory parade for that trophy that Zaniolo was seen leading anti-Lazio chants, then laughed and danced as the fans sang ‘Nasti’s child is Zaniolo’s.’

This is because influencer Chiara Nasti had a brief relationship with Zaniolo until April 2021, she then started dating Lazio player Zaccagni and they are now engaged to be married.

In fact, they used the Stadio Olimpico as the venue for a gender reveal party on May 18, in which Zaccagni kicked the ball into the net, letting off a shower of blue confetti and the phrase ‘It’s a Boy!’

The chant questioning the paternity of the child and Zaniolo’s reaction to it will inevitably cause tension and that is something Roberto Mancini needs to take into consideration.

It’s not the first time Zaniolo’s love life has hit the headlines, as he got together with Nasti when his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and about to give birth to their child.


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18 thought on “Italy camp tension between Zaniolo and Zaccagni after dating same woman”
  1. Yeah, nah.. This is one of the main reason why I prefer Milan not to chase him.. Too much off field dramas. Not to mention the injury history too.. Bit risky.

  2. He’s human, his rivals are Lazio. Any man would laugh at that in the same position, what else was he supposed to do, the drama comes through the girl and perhaps the new guys she’s ended up with.

  3. Unless it was tension with Chiesa, there isn’t a forward in the Italy squad now or soon that would bring into question Zaniolo… Zaccagni is a random, he’ll never be a starter for Italy, never be a big player for us, he’s 27 in a couple of weeks 31 next word cup so to save the issues and don’t pick him.

    Chiesa, Zaniolo, Raspadori are certainties and Kean, Salcedo, Gnonto, Cancellieri, Orsolini, Berardi all vying for two more spots as wingers, I don’t rate Politano but even he’s a better option than Zaccagni, then their is Bernadeschi and Insigne if we really get needy, so thanks but no thanks.

    Let’s not turn Zaniolo into Balotelli for the sake of it. He just scored the only / winning goal in a European final, we could do with talent like him and Chiesa.

    And he’s not injury prone either – if anyone does their research into ACL’s it’s common relapse on the knee that hasn’t been operated, if the return is too quick or the frame of the player isn’t supported by their knees, as was the case with Zaniolo. Zaniolo had to have those injuries and replacement ACL’s to sustain his heavy muscular frame. Better to happen at 22 than 26 while he’s coming into his peak.

  4. LET US PUT PERSONAL MATTERS ASIDE ……. as if we care about the love lives of these two !!!!!!


    But Mourinho is a great expert at making people believe that he is great ….. this time by winning a coppetta that nobody ever really wanted ……………

    OMG !!!!!!!

  5. Conference League was the biggest competition that Roma were involved in, this season (besides Serie A obviously), so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to diminish its importance after the fact. They set out to win it, even if it meant sacrifices in the league, and they did it.

    As for Zaniolo and his run-ins with Instagram models… I’m sure he will smarten up real quick. At least he hasn’t ended up like Mendy from Man City or Greenwood from Man U!

  6. Can anyone explain why Florenzi is in the upcoming internationals
    He’s not at this level any player picked for their nation should be at the top of their game and a starter at club level,
    I’m beginning to think that Mancini is not the coach to build a new squad and to qualify for next WC.

  7. This is newsworthy ? I thought this was supposed to be an Italian soccer forum and not some Hollywood style Gossip column !

  8. Ninja,

    There are 5 Matches in 15 Days.

    You can’t run the same players out there. If you need to bring your 3 or 4th best depth player for these 2 weeks, so be it. Especially since the undisputed LB, Spina, is just coming off an achilles injury.

  9. To @Square, what do mean have i watched Florenzi of course i have, I’ve watched him for years he has been brushed aside by a few coaches
    I also remember when he was given an opportunity by Mancini against Bulgaria how easily he lost the ball to one of their slowest players and couldn’t even catch him up to stop the cross for the equaliser,
    So unless you’ve seen something amazing please enlighten me,

  10. I’ve watched this a few times, from watching the video again, Florenzi looses his footing but the person really to blame for the Bulgaria goal is Acerbi, he’s completely unaware of the advancing Bulgarian forward who is about to score, complete utter useless defending, Shane on you Acerbi!!! If one looses the ball someone else should cover, Acerbi is ball watching!!

  11. Just thinking about the World Cup Qualifiers played AFTER winning the Euros annoy me.

    Honestly could and should have won all of them. I’ll concede the match in Rome to the Swiss as a Draw but lets be serious, to not convert dominance in each of these matches, North Macedonia included to a Win is SHAMEFUL!

  12. Why do I get the sense that Zanilo’s going to be a bust due to his attitude… He’s a bot of a punk, it appears…

  13. He’s a Juve fan and if they got him, they would sort his behavior out real quick.

    For all of Juve’s bad attributes, they won’t put up with players with bad behaviour. They’ll sort him up real quick.

    Now. He and Moise Kean have a history of bad behavior together when the 2 of them pretty much sabotaged the U21 Italy team.

    They may be wary of reuniting these 2. Who do indeed get along very well, which is important, but not the extra stuff that come along with it.

  14. shame italy not in world cup Mancini not a good coach you have to build young players for the next world cup always the same players he choose he was lucky he won the euro cup

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