Italy and Bonucci continue to celebrate EURO 2020 win

by | Jul 19, 2021 13:59

Leonardo Bonucci continues to celebrate Italy’s EURO 2020 triumph: ‘Did it really happen?’

One week ago today, the Azzurri were celebrating in Rome after winning the Euros.

They had beaten England on penalties in the Final at Wembley Stadium and, the following day, they were welcomed by Italy President Sergio Mattarella and PM Mario Draghi.


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The Azzurri also took part in a winning parade in the streets of Rome.

One week later, Leonardo Bonucci continues to celebrate the Azzurri’s triumph on social media. The Juventus defender posted a picture of the award ceremony on Instagram, writing: ‘I’ve had the same dream for the last seven nights… or did it really happen??’

Italy’s official Twitter account also remembered Italy’s victory against the Three Lions, posting a similar picture and a caption: ‘Over a week on and still on cloud nine.’

Roberto Mancini took to his official Twitter and Instagram account with the same purpose.

“It was seven days ago at this time that we were about to start a great challenge, the last of EURO 2020, the Final against England,” wrote the CT on social media.

“We all know how that ended. What not everyone knew was how it went behind the scenes. A few days ago, many of you watched the last episode of Sogno Azzurro, the RAI series.

“As you may have gathered, a large part of the strength in this group was not just because of talent, but also the humanity, the joy and the confidence.”

Bonucci continues to troll England

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