Italy among options for 2022 World Cup recall if Ecuador excluded

FIFA confirmed an investigation has been opened into falsification of documents that could cost Ecuador a place at the 2022 World Cup, as Peru and potentially even Italy wait for developments.

The Chilean Football Association lodged the complaint with the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, alleging documents were falsified to give Byron David Castillo Segura Ecuadorian nationality.

Considering he took part in eight World Cup qualifying matches, it could see Ecuador thrown out of the 2022 tournament in Qatar.

FIFA have now opened an investigation, suggesting there could be huge developments.

Ecuador were placed in a World Cup group with Qatar, the Netherlands and Senegal.

In theory, if Ecuador are excluded, Peru should be promoted directly into the tournament rather than go through the play-offs with Australia.

Chile could then go to the play-offs instead, but this opens up new problems, because Ecuador were a Pot 4 team in the draw and technically Peru would be Pot 3, so the entire draw might be invalid.

Peru does include an Italian player, Gianluca Lapadula, who has citizenship because his mother is from the South American country.

There is also an extremely remote and unlikely scenario where FIFA would simply promote the team with the highest world ranking that failed to qualify for the tournament, which in the case of 2022 would be Italy.

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  1. clearly a South American Team will get in if req’d. Ecuador surely will be disqualified. the dude played 8 matches

  2. But if to humor everyone, and if Peru does go through instead of Ecuador, Italy should get a chance to play a qualifier against Australia as the highest ranked team left out.

    Or will Australia be given a bye to go through? That does not seem fair, and an Italy – Australia playoff may be a more fair decision.

    That would be a single match on 13 June, so I guess if at all there is a chance, this should be decided quickly within this week.

  3. Oh dear God in heaven above , have mercy on us Italian fans , grant us this one prayer , please put Italy in the tournament , so that we to May enjoy the World Cup this year , as we’ve suffered for too long now , in Jesus Holy name we pray . amen

  4. It will never happen. Message to FI, we all know this is rubbish so please do not give this fake news AIR TIME. Thank you


  6. I think to add credibility to the World cup + more interest – FIFA know they need to get Italy into the World Cup 2022, pretty simple form my perspective.

  7. The irony is that Italt would probably go deep in a world cup tournament.. a lot of you are very young, apparently – make vague references to “glory years” when italy dominated.. I’ve watched this National team since 1978. They have often been either been glorious in victory or fizzled out quickly in major tournaments.. think 1986.. the fact is, it’s gotten really hard to qualify now because FIFA has expanded the tournament.. italy should have gotten in and they have to blame themselves only… but if you think they have never disappointed before, you haven’t watched this team as long as I have.. they will be fine.. but italy will always lay a few eggs along the way..

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