Italy aim to host 2030 World Cup

It’s reported Italy are shelving their attempts to host the 2028 European Championship, aiming straight for the FIFA 2030 World Cup instead.

If successful, it would be the first major tournament to be held on Italian soil since the 1990 World Cup, with exactly a 40-year gap.

Following Italy’s triumph at the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament, CONI President Giovanni Malagò had said he was preparing a proposal for hosting rights of either the 2028 Euros or the 2030 World Cup.

Now Il Messaggero newspaper reports that the Italian authorities are focusing their efforts on the larger tournament of the World Cup.

The last time many of the stadiums in Italy were significantly restructured was for the 1990 event, so they hope a new award can also kick-start local authorities into accepting attempts to rebuild or revamp the crumbling Calcio infrastructure.

Italy did host several games for EURO 2020 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, including the opening ceremony.

5 Comments on “Italy aim to host 2030 World Cup”

  1. Those stadiums back in ’90 with the Ciao mascot sprinkled here and there, moderately cute, today…not so much. Unless there is serious consideration to modernize or create new stadiums, I can’t see Italy getting the bid. There are many teams who have waited years for the go ahead to build new stadiums, but to no avail.

  2. The way Italy ended up squandering the legacy of Italia ’90 and the glory days of Serie A was a terrible shame. Yes, the national side are still a force in world football, but the infrastructure of the club game is brittle and crumbling like a rotting 1950s stadium.

    A winning WC bid might bring a bit of new money, but as long as petty local corruption, nepotism, clientilism and “menefreghismo” hold sway in Italy, nothing will change, sadly.

  3. It’s likely that the only way Italy will fix/build stadiums is by winning a bid. If they don’t, expect more crumbling grounds forever.
    Unfortunately, the likes of Turkey and England are ready now, and they must be favs, along with other nations.
    The great success of the national side is being erased pretty quickly by this awful mercato we’re in at the moment, and that’ll continue until Italy gets out of the dark ages. But don’t expect changes with the dinosaurs running it.
    Milan and Roma were looking to move TEN years ago … and here we are now, no further.

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