Italian women’s football league given professional status

An historic development was confirmed today, as the FIGC ruled that from July 1, 2022 women’s football in Italy will become professional.

The paperwork was completed by the Federation, having started the process back in 2020.

“The process for women’s football is definitive, finally we have the norms in place to ensure this will be a professional sport,” said FIGC President Gabriele Gravina.

The Lega Serie A had opposed the move, although their representatives later insisted there had been a misunderstanding and they were only discussing a postponement.

The Italian Football Federation was founded in 1898, but this is the first time women’s football will be made professional in the Peninsula.

Italy is trailing behind the times, as the Women’s Super League in England became professional in 2018-19, while the women’s leagues in France, Spain and Sweden are professional.

The first women’s professional league was set up in the USA in 2001, even if it fell apart and had to be revived in 2009.

Australia’s W-League was given professional status on its inception in 2008.

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  1. Great news! Finally!

    This should have happened 15 years ago.

    The true Vittorio
    3rd only to Vittorio Pozzo and my dear grandfather.

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