Italian media slam ‘terrifying’ Milan vs. Roma referee Chiffi

epa09670410 Referee Daniele Chiffi (L) speaks with Roma?s Nicolo' Zaniolo (C) during the Italian serie A soccer match between AC Milan and As Roma at Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, Italy, 6 January 2022. EPA-EFE/MATTEO BAZZI

Milan vs. Roma referee Daniele Chiffi is being harshly criticised by Italian media, not only for a penalty kick awarded to Milan for a Tammy Abraham handball.

The Rossoneri snatched a 3-1 win against José Mourinho’s side with the Special One, who was not impressed by his lads’ performance as well as the referee’s.

Mourinho: ‘I didn’t like referee or Roma performance’

Milan broke the deadlock in the first half thanks to a penalty kick converted by Olivier Giroud.

VAR called referee Chiffi after noticing an Abraham handball with the English striker who moved the arm towards the ball.

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, the referee’s decision was wrong as the ball didn’t change direction, meaning the former Chelsea man didn’t touch the ball, although the movement of his arm was incorrect.

La Gazzetta dello Sport and Tuttosport don’t see the penalty kick as a clear mistake but criticise the match official for his game management and his use of yellow and red cards.

Rick Karsdorp and Gianluca Mancini were sent off for second bookable offences, while Bryan Cristante was shown a yellow card for dissent.

The papers also point out how the Giallorossi could have been awarded a penalty for a contact between Nicolò Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali inside Milan’s penalty area.

Chiffi was rated 5 by Gazzetta and Tuttosport and 3 by Il Corriere dello Sport, who describe the 37-year-old’s performance as ‘terrifying.’


24 Comments on “Italian media slam ‘terrifying’ Milan vs. Roma referee Chiffi”

  1. Don’t see the penalty as a clear mistake. That means its a mistake.
    It’s clear Tonali Zaniolo was not a foul.

  2. Where is il corriere dello sport headquarters? Rome. Lol
    La gazzeta and tuttosport not criticise ref decision but the game management

  3. Both Milan penalties were soft, about the same as Tonalis clear shirt tug on Zaniolo.

    Speaking of headquarters, where is Gazzetta dello sport’s and Tuttosport’s? Lol

  4. What a weird take. Penalty was a clear penalty as the ball did change direction. That was very clear from replays. Not that we needed help against them, should have scored 5 or 6.

  5. There’s no way Zaniolo Vs Tonali is a penalty. Abraham’s intention was to prevent the ball from going into the net by stretching his arm. The intention alone makes it a penalty. I don’t see where this criticism is from. The ref did well

  6. Corriere dello sport what a joke hahahaha is it run by blind people? LMAO no wonder Roma are going nowhere. Their fans and papers are deluded. If I had seen such a performance from Milan, I would only focus on my teams shortcomings. Both pens were clear as day and they didn’t call one on Krunic. Maybe you can argue about Zlatan making a half foul on Ibanez at the end but Tonali on Zaniolo? Hahahahahaha

    Corriere has always been inclined towards Roma.

    Gazzetta has always been inclined towards Inter.

    While Tuttosport should change its name to Juvesport.

  7. Milan fan actually your team did make an appearence like roma’s yesterday in napoli game and i remember you moaning around for 2 weeks for the referi and only rosario outlined the bad perfomance in full effect.

  8. milan out of the champion league bad decision from officials var and company nobody talked about milan roma the result had been 6 0 roma had no chance with milan in the game the day will come the devil rise again forza milan per sempre morte che separa

  9. When does Rochi want to end his hatred? How long should the important matches of Rome be played by inexperienced referees? Do refereeing decisions against Rome really have a purpose?

  10. I didn’t think the ref was great, I thought the first pen was marginal. He did move his arm in an attempt to block the ball.
    The ref lost control of the match in the first 5 mins of the second half. There were two tackles , one on Tonali cant remember the other . Both yellows and the ref should have pulled cards to settle the match down.
    The two reds were double yellows. When you are on a yellow you can’t do stupid stuff like tackle from behind with no intent for the ball. If the ref has any ball’s you are getting a red.

    Anyway , a depleted Milan were the better team, before and after the penalties , before and after the reds.

    Jose has turned into the Trump of the football world !

  11. As a neutral fan and not a milan one like countless in this comment section,

    Tammy’s wasn’t a pen, zaniolos was a pen, Leo’s was a pen and karsdorp and manicino should’ve been sent off. Everyone stop being a fan and seeing it for what it was.

    As for mou, he clearly isn’t the problem lol this defense is just brutal and bar Tammy Pelli and smalling everyone should be up for sale

  12. Soft pens are ruining the game. One may go for your team next time against.
    10, 15 years ago penalties were big calls made rarely. Now players are made to play as if they have no arms…

  13. I understand Roma fans are upset – it was a harsh pen to conceede. But I really don’t understand how can you go online and complain about the decision. The ref had no other choice
    – the movement of the hand towards the ball is evident and clearly intentional
    – the change of direction of the ball is very very slight, but is is clearly there when you watch sle replays. You can’t not see it unless you are watching with an obvoius bias.
    A costly mistake by an inexpirenced player.

    All I hear is that it was “soft” or “unjust” and so on. No one is contesting this decision based on rules and arguments. That should tell you something.

  14. @ RL9

    Milan on its bad day (nowhere like this Roma) and with half its squad out lost by one goal in the referee’s bad day to a Napoli side which weren’t superior, so better refereeing could have changed that match. Roma with a complete squad could’ve, should’ve and would’ve lost this match 6-1 on another day to a decimated Milan. Think of something else, cause that’s not it.

  15. I have no words for what Abraham did. After the game he should get slapped by each of his teammates for letting them down –You just can’t lunge into a block like that! Especially not against a privileged, ref-friendly team like Milan.

    Still, VAR shouldn’t call for a penalty like that!
    1. Ball barely GRAZED Tammy’s arm, and it was the sleeved part of the arm that usually Juve players use to stop the long ball before scoring goals.
    2. Roma didn’t get any advantage because of Tammy’s play, his action actually made Theo’s shot even MORE DANGEROUS! Ball moved further from Rui who made a wonderful save!
    3. Had VAR not called the ref, no one would’ve spotted the “armball”, even from replays. Not a single Milanisti would complain. (Meh, that last part is not true: Milanisti just looove penalties. –The softer, the better.)
    4. With all the above mentioned, keep in mind the context when the incident happened: minute 03:30 of a derby! *SELF-SLAP-FACE!*

    This was a truly lucky penalty call. A gift by stupidity, misfortune … but also bias & favouritism.

    In almost every game I see potential handballs, yet we don’t even get a video replay.

    So, why nitpick for some teams, and not for others??
    With VAR you can always find “something” to award a penalty or cancel a goal. Had they watched that replay even more, they’d see a foul from a Milan player that happened before the Abraham incident… and even another possible Milan penalty for a tug prior to that event.

    That VAR call was truly uncalled for. You Milanisti trolls would explode had Roma took the lead in this fashion, having incredible goalkeeping save cancelled out due to a slight maybe-touch. Seriously, have some empathy!

    (Had the “deflected” shot went out of play with a stranded Rui just watching it, there would be no doubt & a rightly awarded penalty. This way, it just feels wrong & uncalled for.)

  16. What everthe ref did. Roma were not worthy of single point judged by their performance.

    Milan were clearly the better team. Hit the post 2 times missed a penalty despite missing 8 players and ALL their CBs

    @Roma fans: go find the true reason of your loss.

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