Italian Government ready to ‘cancel’ the Growth Decree

The Italian Government is reportedly ready to amend the rules and cancel Growth Decree, to stop the distortion of the transfer market and help the Italian players.

The politicians in Italy decide the fate of Italian football in these hours, according to Il Corriere dello Sport.

The Growth Decree was approved in 2019, to facilitate the signings of superstars in Serie A. Instead, the report claims it turned out to be a real ‘distortion’ of the market that only penalised Italian players.

Growth Decree the reason for Italy’s striker decline?

It became much more advantageous to buy a foreign footballer, given the possibility to save 50 per cent of the salary due to the new fiscal rules and tax discount.

The new rules made calcio a tax haven for foreign talent and had concrete effects on the clubs’ budgets and balance sheets.

But the government is discussing if the rule strongly penalises Italian footballers, especially looking at the youngsters coming through the academies in Italy.

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  1. I don’t know. They’d be better off thinking something about all the red tapes for building a stadium in Italy. I think if an Italian youngster is talented enough he will play (Tonali and Frattesi just two examples playing in the top tier), because by that logic no English youngster should come through in the Premier League, but that’s not the case.

    This issue of limited playing time for Italian youngsters is an old one in Italy, it was around well before the growth decree, and it didn’t stop us from winning the World Cup and the Euros.

  2. If you want to have serie a back to top make a law with a minimun italian players in a team and a maximun number of players at the teams! its so simple!!
    And of course a law for building new stadiums!! All the teams!!
    So Simple…

  3. If you bring in quality foreign talent and they are training and working alongside these Italian players then shouldn’t they be getting better by doing it like this, as was the case in the 80’s and 90’s and as is the case in the premier League and in Germany? You bring in the best players and you learn from them is what I’m saying


    No other nation has it to this extreme other than England. If some people retort with “if they are good enough they will play”.

    Just consider were Fabio Grosso was playing at age 23 and age 25. Some are just buried in the lower leagues, others are late bloomers.

    For me it should be only the very best, top of the food chain stranieri, plus Italian players.

  5. Brandon has exactly the right idea . Other top nations are still negatively affected by this the same.

    How many different Ballon Dor winners have there been in the last 10 years ? Who has won the majority of UCL titles in the last 10 years ? When was the last time England won their only trophy again ? What happened to smaller clubs like Ajax , Porto , Nottingham Forest , Celtic, Bucharest, Belgrade, Marseille , etc winning the UCL ? Why has football play become so generic ? Why are many teams playing such similar styles today , whether they be Spain , Italy , England , France , Brazil , Argentina etc or they be Barcelona , Napoli , Chelsea and others ? Why is the unique playing style of each nations football dying ? Why do only the big clubs represent anymore ?

    I rest my case.

    Each domestic league needs to go back to the days prior to the Bosman ruling and formation of the E.U where they were limited to only 3 players outside the country. Milan and their 3 flying Dutch Men were quite a force then ?

  6. Finally some progress, they are feeling the heat if Italy fail at world cup qualification and need to keep people distracted otherwise they will be looking into government corruption and all the other money grab they are committing.

    This is travesty that it got this far to begin with, no foreign talent can compare to italian talent. WE suppressed generations of kids which should have come through this is the true crime of Italian youth being robbed of their skills.

    Hopefully it is scrapped completely and Italian homegrown becomes majority in teams and on field and then you will see the powerhouse we once were not better then ever.

  7. Yes, 1mikeJ, but look at SOME of the foreign players in Serie A these days. They are brutal. How exactly are these players raising the standard? Italian Clubs still can’t win in Europe !

    But the players Serie A brought in during the time period you mentioned will indeed raise it.

  8. This would screw AC Milan the hardest……….For the plusvalense they are looking into Juve the hardest yet Napoli has Osimhen on the books for 80 million……Now the growth decree which would shatter AC Milan…… Guido Rossi in Government nowadays ??

  9. Don’t care about which club it screws the most. As long as Italian players play in THEIR league, all is well.

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