Italian clubs earn €275m in UEFA prizes this season

Serie A clubs will receive a total €275m in prize money from UEFA following the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League this season, including €20m for Roma.

The tournament came to a close with last night’s Champions League Final, which saw Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 in Paris.

Roma became the first Italian side to win a UEFA tournament since Jose Mourinho took Inter to the Treble in 2010, lifting the Conference League and in so doing received €20m in prize money.

The Champions League only went as far as the Round of 16 for Juventus and Inter, while Atalanta finished third and went on to reach the Europa League quarter-final and Milan were eliminated in the group stage.

According to Il Sole 24 Ore, Juventus picked up €39.24m in prize money from UEFA this season, plus another €31m thanks to their historic ranking status, taking the total to just over €71m.

Inter have earned circa €51m in prizes, while Milan got €36.3m and Atalanta €28.9m.

This does not include the share of the market pool television rights, which is €40m to be spread out between the clubs.

Napoli and Lazio participated in the Europa League, pocketing circa €15m each including the market pool.

4 Comments on “Italian clubs earn €275m in UEFA prizes this season”

  1. AC milan need to rebuild their status in europe now (just don’t look at the past) and don’t forget about clubs beyond serie A

    If “this” juve still can get 31mil then how much clubs like EPL, Bayern and Real Barca would get?

    And the more curiousity is, inter get money from UEFA regularly In recent time and still need to sell their star players every season. With their wage bills still under juve, where are all the money go? To the refs? Or to the courts?

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