‘It was disrespectful’ | Calhanoglu’s celebration causes debate

epa09570502 Inter Milan?s Hakan Calhanoglu (L) jubilates after scoring the 0-1 goal during the Italian Serie A soccer match between AC Milan and FC Inter at Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, Italy, 07 November 2021. EPA-EFE/MATTEO BAZZI

Former Inter midfielder Borja Valero hailed Hakan Calhanoglu as ‘courageous’ after the penalty goal against Milan, while Alessio Tacchinardi has claimed his celebration was ‘disrespectful’.

The Turkey international moved to Inter on a free transfer over the summer and played in his first Derby della Madonnina since joining Milan’s arch-rivals.

Calhanoglu stepped up when awarded a penalty and scored the opening goal after 11 minutes, before he celebrated in front of the Rossoneri fans.

Calhanoglu gets same treatment as Donnarumma, but hits back at Milan fans

Former Juventus midfielder Tacchinardi felt the gesture after the goal, when Calhanoglu put his hand behind the ear and taunted the Rossoneri fans, was ‘disrespectful’.

“It was disrespectful towards his former fans and the club,” Tacchinardi told SportMediaset. “Also because he left on a free transfer.”

Borja Valero, who played at Inter for three years between 2017 and 2020, believes the former Rossonero showed ‘courage’ when he stepped up to convert the penalty kick.

Hakan Calhanoglu had great courage,” Borja Valero told DAZN. “He has shown personality by taking a complicated penalty. It has to be applauded.”

Milan full-back Alessandro Florenzi doesn’t agree, as he stepped onto the pitch to show his discontent with the celebration after the opening goal from the ex.

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  1. Cashanoglu showed that not only is he an average player, but he is also a small man. How disrespectful and classless can one person be?

  2. Well if the fans booed him, then I’d be rubbing it back in their faces too. They were disrespectful first, he just returned the favour.

  3. Well they booed him for a reason. Nothing gonna change, he is just a delusional small minded players. I really laugh my ass off when he expect milan fans will give him an welcome warm after what he doing, leaving for free and for rival for a peanut

  4. LOL look at the Milan fans on here, absolutely mad. He celebrated because the stupid fans were booing and insulting him from the first second. You think he should’ve cried instead like your former goalkeeper?

  5. I didn’t mind it. Curva Sud gave him some and he gave it back. How he wasn’t on the losing side by the end I will never know. That would have been the way to stick it to him.

  6. So happy I never have to see him disgrace the red and black by pulling one of our jersey’s on!
    Anyway, Forza Milan, still tied for 1st after some really heavy fixture load while having 6 starters out. Rest up and run out the remaining games!

  7. Other than the penalty (a gift from the referee) what this guy did yesterday? Basically zero. Not only an idiot as a human being (he could show some class not celebrating after the penalty, but that was a lot to ask) but also am average player. He is in very advanced talks to take the reigns of Joao Mario club of losers…. just wait and see, not even the interisti like him

  8. Hakan just gave back your own medicine. You have been a bunch of sore losers after one of the greatest keepers just left you hanging and left your mid-table club. You mistreated Donarumma and now you tried again with Hakan only that he rubbed it IN YOUR FACE!!!
    Cry me a river losers…

  9. You play for a new team, you celebrate your goal as you normally would regardless of who it is against. They are there to do their job and that is WIN. Our feelings as fans do not matter, end of story. This notion of disrespect does not fall on a damn celebration; if he actively spoke out in a press conference saying Milan is a terrible organization and their fans are pathetic, then yes I would say that is disrespectful. Senseless opinions based off a player doing his God damn job

  10. @LUKAKU IS ZLATAN’S FATHER – no one left Milan hanging you noob, they let him go and got new keeper. The turk left winning side and went to the losing side (inter) and will never ever win anything because losers only lose. It’s pretty nice up the top looking down on Inter. Speaking of leaving, Lukaku and Hakimi left because they didn’t want to be part of that cesspool called Inter.

  11. So right now every player that went to play for milan cannot go elsewhere if they had the opportunity?

  12. @SMH… As we speaking Inter are champions of Italy but Milan? Did you win anything recently? Last decade? It’s really fine if you defend your club but put some sort of sense on it at least to not look like a complete idiot!

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