Is new West Ham man Scamacca really similar to Andy Carroll?

Gianluca Scamacca’s first goal for West Ham yesterday saw further comparisons drawn with former Hammer Andy Carroll, but are the two really similar players?

The 1.93m-tall Carroll spent seven years in East London with West Ham, scoring 34 goals and providing 17 assists in 142 appearances. A oft-frustrating figure, the Englishman’s raw talent was in no doubt but his struggles keeping fit ultimately limited his career and legacy. 

During his time with the Hammers, Carroll could be a daunting and dominating figure on the pitch, and not just because of his stature. The towering forward had heaps of technical ability, quick feet on the ball, was predictably strong in the air and did well involving his teammates in the buildup phase. 

Carroll was also capable of moments of magic, like his stunning overhead kick goal against Crystal Palace back in January 2017.

The obvious source of comparison between Carroll and Scamacca are their heights, with the Italian standing only a little taller at 1.95m. The former Sassuolo man is also dominant in the air, evident with his first goal for West Ham against Viborg yesterday, and he does a good job holding up play, working well with fast forwards alongside him.

Similar to Carroll, Scamacca’s height doesn’t inhibit his ability to impress with the ball between his feet, even if his football-attuned brain is almost two meters away. The 23-year-old Italian is deadly in the penalty area and has a strong eye for goal, netting 16 in 36 in Serie A last campaign. 

Scamacca is also able to show exciting technical displays and it only seems like a matter of time until he pulls off a moment of magic in front of the Hammers fans. Smart off the ball movement only further compliments his game, although similarly to Carroll, sometimes his shots on goal are a little too ambitious.

5 Comments on “Is new West Ham man Scamacca really similar to Andy Carroll?”

  1. Scamacca is more mobile than andy carroll – can do more with the ball at his feet – as deadly in the air as carroll – but lets see how he performs in the EPL

  2. Actually reminds me more of Anoutovic but even more mobile . Clever guy knows where the space is . He needs to learn when to hold the ball up . He will be a real hit for us ⚒

  3. Scamacca cannot even be in the starting line up. He is a bidone. I don’t know how West Ham paid so much money for a guy that is useless

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