Inzaghi: ‘Juventus could only score from a penalty’

by | Oct 24, 2021 22:18

Simone Inzaghi maintains the penalty was ‘the only way we could concede a goal’ and Inter ‘controlled’ Juventus from start to finish.

The Nerazzurri had taken the lead through Edin Dzeko, who was quickest to react when Hakan Calhanoglu’s effort rebounded off the woodwork.

Serie A | Inter 1-1 Juventus: Dybala pen decides Derby d’Italia

However, they sat increasingly deep to protect the 1-0 lead and were eventually pegged back by a Paulo Dybala penalty.

That incident saw Inzaghi sent off for dissent, as VAR was called on the Denzel Dumfries high foot on Alex Sandro inches inside the area.

“It was I think the only way we could concede a goal. It’s disappointing, as I feel we controlled the game from start to finish, we allowed Juventus nothing and I am not happy to have seen two points thrown away,” Inzaghi told DAZN.

“The referee was right there, he could see the incident and didn’t need to be called over for that. I am disappointed for our fans, as we played well and deserved more.”

He vented his fury at the penalty award and was shown a red card on the touchline for his angry protests.

“We were never under pressure, we controlled from start to finish. I admit my gesture was not a good image to portray, but I felt in that moment it was not a VAR incident.

“As a coach, at the 89th minute of a game like that, with the referee right there waving play on, it’s natural you’re going to get a bit angry the way I did.”

Inter did sit deeper and deeper as the game wore on, but the coach insists that was not how he saw the game.

“We used up a lot of energy pressing all over the pitch in the first half, we knew Juve could introduce Chiesa, Dybala and others from the bench, so we were a bit deeper, but I still maintain we allowed nothing to Juve.

“Juventus are a side who flourish on the counter and we allowed them nothing. The whole team worked hard, helping each other out and the result is harsh on us.

Ivan Perisic was already tired at the end of the first half, he had a slight flexor issue, but showed me he was able to continue. When he got the yellow card 20 minutes from the time, I felt it best to remove him.”


  1. Al

    If it was the other way around of course Inzaghi would say the same!

  2. Jon

    He ain’t wrong. Rube did nothing all game as was expected, only playing backwards and sideways at 1mph.

  3. dangerboy

    And Inter could only score on a one-in-a-million shot that took a fortunate deflection.

  4. Bruno

    That’s why you should go for a second goal and kill off the match. It’s like a fighter being content to leave the outcome in the hands of the judges, instead of going for the stoppage. They then lose the contest and complain about the result. Dropping deep always invites trouble, and Inter this season have shown that they’re not solid enough to play a containing game.

  5. frankie

    Jon, inter didn’t exactly tight up the match with heaps of chances. Of the two keepers, Handanovic was the busier. Neither team was dominant. Truth of the matter is that Allegri didn’t line up with Juve’s best formation – had he done so, Juve would have won the game.

  6. martinn

    look at the stats of the game crybaby.

    better posession 51 – 49
    goal attemps 16 – 11
    shots on goal 4 – 2
    shots off goal 7 – 6
    blocked shots 5 – 3
    goalkeeper saves 1 – 3

    poor losers as always. waiting for a six page spread on a penalty decision, one of their own players being followd by a p.i. and `missing` wiretaps turning up too late proving they did EXACTLY THE SAME to win in court when they lose on the pitch.

  7. mikey

    Riiiiight. And Inter could only score from a fortuitous deflection off the post. Before and after that, they didn’t threaten Juventus once whereas Handanovic was required to make at least two real saves (both of which he spilled). Neither team played great today, but please, Inter were far from deserving of three points.

  8. Retni adrem

    … and Inter could only score from a ball accidentally landing in front of a player standing 4m from goal. What’s his point?

  9. dzurjakcsopi

    @ Retni adrem
    Did you know that the goal area is 6 yards, almost 5.5 meters. if you stand about 2 meters from that, you cannot score from 4 meters. but you can still be proud of your ignorance.

  10. dzurjakcsopi

    you have no clue what you are talking about. but after all, you are a rubentini. no surprise.

  11. Kris

    Juve fans when Juventus gets help from referee;
    It is YOUR fault you didn’t score a second. Never, ups, we did get a helping hand there.
    They are using the abusers logic; It is the victims fault.

  12. Rosario

    This is just incredible. Inter never looked like scoring either! Their goal came from a shot that was going well wide before being deflected back onto the post. Even more fortune, the ball falls to Dzeko who is marginally onside. Neither side deserved to win the game. An even match, with the second half being dire.

  13. DARi0

    Inzaghi should have went on to score the 2nd goal, looking for the 3rd. Instead, all of the attacks were slowed down and delayed by Inter players. This is not how I want to see this club playing, just go ahead and finish them off instead of inviting them over! I can only hope he is not as coward as Spalletti was.

  14. Louch

    Did he see inters fluke goal 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
    What a disaster inzaghi is. I know he’s never coached a big club but man pretend like you’ve been there before bro what’s with the little boy tantrums what’s wrong Simon your big brother Pippo take your sfoglia 😂 awwwwww

  15. Bit

    Inzaghi is the cheat. “There was no reason to use VAR”. Typical Italian in power, can’t handle scrutiny. The whole point of VAR is to use it to see if you needed to use it or not. Contact with the leg and not the ball inside the pena6box or on the line is a penalty. Don’t understand why it’s dubbed controversial

  16. matt

    Tight match but terrible for the game when another big match decided by a penalty. Penaldo was in his glory when he played for Juve.

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