Simone Inzaghi believes Inter could’ve even won against Torino if they had only equalised earlier, shrugged off the penalty controversy and confessed ‘we know that to win the Scudetto again, we must do more.’

The Nerazzurri struggled throughout the match in Turin, going behind to a Gleison Bremer tap-in after a corner until Alexis Sanchez snatched an equaliser deep into stoppages.

“Toro were more aggressive in the first half, but Berisha also made two stunning saves. We came on with the right momentum, deserved to equalise earlier and if we had done, then we may well have won,” Inzaghi told DAZN.

Serie A | Torino 1-1 Inter: Sanchez snatches point amid controversy

“We know that to win the Scudetto again, we must do more and take a different approach to these games, even if there are some excuses.”

Inter now have 59 points with a game in hand, sitting in third behind Napoli on 60 and Milan’s 63, with Juventus only three behind the reigning champions.

“We lost energy and players in a crucial moment of the season, but that mustn’t be an alibi. Clearly, we can do better.

“Now we have 10 finals, plus the second leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final, so we must try to recover energy and do as well as possible.

“Unfortunately, the recent run of poor results came during the busiest period of the season. Now we hope to get everyone back to full fitness for this final push.

“I am not worried, because I know we have the opportunity now to train properly, we have time to analyse the situations that occurred and recover some of that mental and physical fatigue.

“I think the initial approach was not good tonight, but we still created so many scoring opportunities even with that in mind.”

Inzaghi was asked if Inter felt the pressure of being considered Scudetto favourites after so many had doubted them at the start, but replied with a sideswipe at Milan, who crashed out of the Champions League in December.

“We knew where we were starting from, we made everyone reconsider their views of us and are proud of that.

“Some of the teams ahead of us had more time to train and prepare for their matches, but we will have that situation too now and want to make the most of it.

“There are many teams challenging for the top of the table and it’s going to be a fascinating season.”

There was immense controversy in the first half when Andrea Ranocchia appeared to clearly catch Andrea Belotti on the foot, yet VAR did not intervene to even suggest an on-field review.

Inzaghi had not yet seen it, so watched the replay in the studio.

“I see foot and then ball, the referee is right there. He could evaluate it. We’ve already paid a price for protesting refereeing decisions and I was suspended, so I’ll leave that to others.”

6 thought on “Inzaghi: ‘Inter must do more to retain the Scudetto’”
  1. Yeah, come on Inzaghi! You need to do more as a coach, and the players need to do more as well in terms of effort, focus, etc.
    The guys behind the scenes are doing their part with the refs! You need to step up too!

  2. That sideswipe at Milan was unnecessary.
    Because of the game in hand, Inter played just 1 more game than Milan and the same amount as Juve, yet they are now 4 points behind Milan and 3 above Juve. Wonder what he’ll say when Juve turn them over after having played 1 more game than them?

  3. No Inzaghi, please let Inter keep doing what it is doing – chocking at the pointy end of the season is what they do best – bundled out of the UCL and now struggling in Serie A. Gotta love it!

  4. @Vlahovic

    Your team are playing in CL instead of EL this season because of Cuadrado dive to win a pk against Inter last season, don’t you forget that.

  5. Haha. Yeah, inter must pay even more money to the refs. How are they allowing the opposition to score?

    @Francesco Haha, yes. Rube fans have short memory. If they get a sniff of the scudetto this season, I can bet you top dollar something like that will happen again this year.

    AC Milan being robbed in front of the world in broad daylight

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