Simone Inzaghi insists Inter ‘deserved more’ from their 0-0 away to Genoa. ‘We had 20 shots on goal, hit the crossbar and it’s just not going in at the moment.’

The Nerazzurri tried everything at Marassi, hitting the crossbar with a Danilo D’Ambrosio header, but it ended 0-0.

This was another deeply disappointing setback, as now the champions have picked up just one win in their last six Serie A games and are without a victory in four.

“Naturally, the result leaves a bitter taste in the mouth,” Inzaghi told Sky Sport Italia.

“We knew that we could’ve had a better approach, that Genoa are in good shape and created problems for us in the opening 20 minutes, but after that we certainly deserved more.

Serie A | Genoa 0-0 Inter: Nerazzurri fire blanks at Marassi

“Just like last week with Sassuolo, we had 20 shots on goal and didn’t score. Evidently we need to work better, it’s just one of those periods, but we mustn’t let our heads drop. I saw the right performance and we need to get back to winning ways.

“Genoa were not easy to break down, but we got into their penalty area 37 times, had 20 shots, hit the crossbar, there were other chances too that could easily have gone in.

“Evidently, what we are doing right now isn’t enough to win games, we need to do more.”

Even more irritating for the coach, Milan were held 1-1 by Udinese earlier this evening, so it was a wasted opportunity to close on the leaders.

“None of the top six won last week, there is some fatigue for everyone at this stage of the season and it is a bit odd. Perhaps we should’ve run and worked smarter and not just harder.

“Genoa were pressing hard, the pitch was not in good condition. At the start of the season, we’d score at least one every five corners, today we had 14 corners to zero and didn’t find the net. It’s just one of those periods where it’s not going in.

“We know that games are decided by incidents and we are not fortunate at the moment. It’s disappointing for the fans, who supported us from the first to the 90th minute, but I feel they are proud of what we’re doing this season.

“We already have the Supercoppa, we’re in the Scudetto race, in the Champions League Round of 16 and the Coppa Italia semi-final.”

5 thought on “Inzaghi: ‘Inter had 20 shots against Genoa and didn’t score’”
  1. And whose fault it is by the way? Hm let me think you have players who cant score and goalkeeper who got 3goals from 2shots… really bad luck but great game as always.!

  2. If those chances involve Dzeko and Lautaro then it starts to make sense. Both are very bad at finishing chances. One is too hectic with the ball and just shoots at any position the other looks like he should be at a retiring home. But what’s actually failed are the players around Barella is so poor he just can’t cross or shoot outside the box making silly mistakes with Hakan doing much better than him. Time to put Perisic in Dzeko position and see the difference with someone who can actually run at defenders.

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