Inzaghi: ‘Inter deserved Milan derby draw, despite blackout’

Simone Inzaghi insists Inter ‘did enough to earn a draw’ against Milan, but they were unable to make up for the ‘half-hour blackout’ at San Siro.

The Nerazzurri had taken the lead through Hakan Calhanoglu, but a pair of Rafael Leao goals and the Olivier Giroud flick turned it around.

Edin Dzeko came off the bench to get them back into it with a flick on Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s assist in off the near post, but only a fantastic Mike Maignan save prevented Hakan Calhanoglu making it 3-3.

“It started a balanced game, then we scored a fine goal, after the equaliser we had a half-hour black-out that cost us another two goals,” Inzaghi told DAZN.

“We scored two wonderful goals, but conceded three that we absolutely cannot afford, we should not concede, especially not in a derby. At the end we lost.

“Considering everything we created, we probably deserved a draw, but I am the coach and the first to be held responsible for that half-hour that left to be desired. In such an important match, we should’ve done better.”

It is the second defeat of the season after the 3-1 away to Lazio, which had some similarities, particularly in the lack of intensity and confidence.

“They were two different games. We struggled to score tonight, were up against a fantastic goalkeeper, and once again we concede goals far too easily. I am the coach, so I need to figure out how we can resolve that problem.

“In order to win the derby, you have to do more. After the substitutions we did better, but the fact is during that half-hour we conceded two goals and were unable to make up for it.”

Inter seemed to be going in a completely different gear to Milan for the first hour, but once they woke up, showed great intensity and grit, so it was not a fitness issue.

“We cannot have these blackouts against sides like Lazio and Milan, as they compromise the match. Details make the difference, we had to build our chances out from the back, whereas the goals we conceded were just too easy.

“There was that moment when we were in control and leading 1-0, but we conceded that goal when playing out from the back and it was totally against the run of play.”

Inter have now conceded eight goals in five Serie A games this season and some of their defending has been static.

“It is the same team that last season went eight rounds without conceding, so we need to look at the figures, look at today’s game and realise we struggle to score goals, but concede them too easily. We must get back to solidity, because we know that sooner or later we do score.”

Inter will now go into the Champions League and face Bayern Munich in the opening fixture.

“At this moment, it hurts to lose a derby, for our fans, for the club, as we could’ve done so much more. There is great disappointment at losing the derby.”

15 Comments on “Inzaghi: ‘Inter deserved Milan derby draw, despite blackout’”

  1. Yes, Maignan produced awesome saves to keep Inter from scoring one or two more. But it’s delusional to think the game was even. Milan dominated Inter for over an hour and should have put 5 past Handanovic and put the game to bed before the comeback began.

  2. He has not learnt from his mistakes. Playing Bastoni from the start was his first mistake and not making a change at half time was another. But if it were not for Milan having trash players like Origi and Diaz, then the score line should have been much worse for Inter.

  3. Origi was trash and he has no intelligence making decisions. He is not a bad player but I am worried about his football IQ
    Which Milan goal was lucky @Alle? All three were well elaborated plays helped a bit by Inter‘s abysmal defense

  4. It’s simple , inzaghi should switch to a ,4,3,3 or get sacked ,3 UP TOP WOULD DESTROY AC MILAN, I trust zhag , zhag did not take nonsense fromco the , he will set inzaghi straight .

  5. Same old Inzaghi. He always found excuses with Lazio defeats & now he’s doing the same at Inter. He must learn how to be a gentleman.
    Winners celebrate, losers find excuses.
    PS: No, i’m neither milanista nor interista.

  6. The guy basically makes a commentary about match highlights in his post match conferences.

    “Game started. We scored. They equalized. We played bad. They scored two more.”

  7. @alle Keep taking the L. as long as you have Hakan, each and every Derby you will loose. Post on Inter‘s social media asking them to stop having the players put their hands behind their ears because everytime they have done that…. Milan drops 2 quick goals on them softies…. BIG L for Inter…. you are not that.

  8. Shame on you Inzaghi to say we deserve to draw!!!! you have no carizma no balls even you made your team look like pussies you sucker 🤬😤

  9. It’s better to say that you deserve to win. It shows that you are ambitious and competitive, despite being delusional. To say that you deserve a draw shows that you are delusional and weak

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