Inzaghi: ‘Inter can do it, I won with Lazio on the last day’

Simone Inzaghi reveals his biggest regret of the season and insists Inter can still take the Serie A title off Milan in the final round. ‘It’s happened before, I won with Lazio when we were two points behind.’

The Nerazzurri won 3-1 in Sardinia with a Lautaro Martinez brace and Matteo Darmian header, pushing every verdict down to the final round.

Serie A | Cagliari 1-3 Inter: Lautaro sends everything down to the wire

Milan still need only a point against Sassuolo to be sure of the Scudetto, because if the teams finish level at the top, the Rossoneri have a superior head-to-head record.

The other consequences are that Genoa are relegated and Sampdoria are safe, so the final spot in Serie B is between Salernitana and Cagliari.

“The emotions were on Wednesday, winning a trophy we cared about a great deal,” Inzaghi told DAZN, referring to the Coppa Italia Final 4-2 extra time victory over Juventus.

“It wasn’t easy after Milan’s win, but the team played really well against an opponent who is problematic on their own turf. I congratulate my lads, because this was by no means to be taken for granted, especially after playing 120 minutes on Wednesday.”

Inzaghi of course was playing for Lazio in 2000 when they leapfrogged Juventus on the final day of the season, that infamous rainy day in Perugia. Can Sassuolo upset Milan and help Inter retain the title?

“Sassuolo are a very good side, they have a lot of individual talents. I expect a very open end to the season for the Scudetto, European places and relegation. Now we are here, we’ve got to try to go all the way.

“Naturally, we are behind, so we need a victory and for them to lose. It’s happened before, I won with Lazio when we were two points behind and Juventus lost to Perugia, so it can happen again.”

Lautaro Martinez now has 21 Serie A goals this season.

“I think he netted 13 in the last 13 appearances. He was suspended against Verona, I made other choices against Spezia and from there he didn’t put a foot wrong. He’s world class, a very important player for us, always generous in working for the team and is now finishing really well too.

“It’s hardly a discovery, I told Lautaro he’d score many goals this season, because even during the periods when he wasn’t finding the net, he still worked at his best in training and it was only a matter of time.”

Inzaghi was asked about his biggest regret from this debut season on the Inter bench and chose a game outside of Serie A.

“The first leg with Liverpool is the one I regret. Liverpool lost one game in 2022 and that was against Inter. If we hadn’t gone down to 10 men, who knows what might’ve happened?

“I look back over a season with two trophies lifted, we’re still in the running for the Scudetto to the final game, I never could’ve expected all of this and our European march was also stopped only by Liverpool.”

12 Comments on “Inzaghi: ‘Inter can do it, I won with Lazio on the last day’”

  1. I don’t get Inter. From president to coach, they all say “we can do it”. Do Inter get that it doesn’t matter what they do and how many goals they’re gonna score, if Milan wins, inter will be second. It is nothing you can do about it. Stop being ignorant. At least say, IF it or that happens, then etc. My god.

  2. I respect his optimism but I think Inzaghi should have realized that every thing has gone to Milan‘s favor and they are so much different from 1999/2000 Juve’s story.

    Milan won all remaining matches, against top 10 teams in Serie A, they have been unbeaten for the last 15 matches, have the most clean sheets, not to mention that Milan has the best away records this season. Those statistics alone are very contrast to 1999/2000 Juve when they lost the title to his Lazio.

  3. Not to mention also the famous CINQUE MAGGIO 2002 mister inzaghi 🙂
    La sfida scudetto piu incredibile the sempre!

  4. The Lazio side that beat Inter in 2002 was one of the best in Europe at the time. Buying the squad bankrupt the club ultimately. A huge difference between the circumstances next Sunday. Still anything is possible.

  5. If Milan can manage another clean sheet I’m going to become religious! That will be an absolutely sensational Scudetto! We need to do exactly as we have done against Lazio, Verona and Atalanta. Forza Milan!! Sempre!

  6. The big difference is that your opponents won’t be forced to play on an unplayable waterlogged pitch. With all being even, this is Milan‘s to lose not yours to win.

  7. You can’t say things like this when what you do on the last day don’t matter, all you can do now is hope, not WE CAN DO it. You beat samp 10-0 if Milan do their job they will take home the scudetto

  8. Milan are very capable of losing titles. Look what they did in the Champions League against Liverpool year back. The game is over, when it’s over!

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