Inzaghi: ‘Credit to Milan, but proud of Inter’

by | May 22, 2022 20:21

Simone Inzaghi credits Milan for winning the Scudetto after a ‘wonderful duel’ all season long, but feels ‘proud’ at amassing 84 Serie A points and lifting two trophies.

It was nonetheless a successful campaign, winning the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italiana, but they did not retain the Serie A title.

They pushed it to the final game of the season, beating Sampdoria 3-0 this evening with a Joaquin Correa double and Ivan Perisic, but Milan’s 3-0 victory away to Sassuolo proved decisive.

Serie A | Inter 3-0 Sampdoria: Victory not enough to retain title

“The main sentiment is pride, I think, with the way the fans welcomed us to the stadium today and their final applause too,” Inzaghi told DAZN.

“I congratulate the squad on an excellent season that could’ve been extraordinary with the Scudetto. I congratulate Milan on reaching 86 points, but also congratulate us, because 84 is nothing to be sniffed at. I am proud of this squad, we did great things, as did Milan.”

Inzaghi was asked what Milan had more than Inter at the end of the day.

“Two points. They were also more consistent towards the end of the season. As for us, we lost ground during the double Champions League clash with Liverpool, but 84 points is still a lot. Over the next few days, we’ll analyse what more we could’ve done.

“Obviously, we are Inter, we won two trophies, but there is still a bitter taste in the mouth at the way we let the Scudetto get away. We must try to whittle down that two-point gap between us and Milan next season.

“It was a long journey, a positive one, but I cannot deny nobody likes to finish second.”

Stefano Pioli has won the first piece of silverware in his entire career, and of course Inzaghi took over at Lazio after Pioli was fired.

“It was a wonderful duel, we faced off four times between Serie A and the Coppa Italia, we challenged for the Scudetto to the end. Credit to Milan.”

President Steven Zhang was in the stands at San Siro this evening, so a summit is planned to discuss the strategy for next season.

“We will meet over the next few days and discuss it with cool heads. We need to do things right, because these fans deserve more joy.”

Inzaghi inherited the Scudetto winning side from Antonio Conte, but few expected him to do this well.

“The greatest satisfaction was going from the predictions we’d finish outside the top four to the same people saying we’d have the Scudetto sealed up by January. Since I arrived, the opinion on Inter has changed and that is thanks to our work.”


  1. Duc

    As a Milan fan, the only player/staff from Inter I am grateful and respectful to is..RADU.

  2. Smh

    How is Hakan doing? Asking for a friend!

  3. Inter Per SEMPRE

    Never was convinced and never will be that Milan won all 7 last games without no outside influence, If they were playing bottom table teams maybe but still a maybe, but they had 5 tough games and there is no way in hell they won all those 5 games legitimately, something is very unusual about the last 7 games, because Inter did drop points in last 7 games and they had an easier schedule with lower table teams. I never will be convinced that Milan got this Scudetto legitimately! It just you goof at least one game specially when Milan season was so up and down, how can not give up a single point all the way sudden when all other teams including Inter did??

  4. All-Inter

    I myself was one of the fans that was hopeing for a top 4 finish at the start but as the season preceeded I was more hopeful to retain the title. Conte, Lukaku, Hakimi and Eriksen left Inter and those who replaced them aren’t at their level except for Hakan. So I think next Inzaghi has done a good job but he couldn’t express himself as a natural winner although with a smart mercato Inter and Juve can be much stronger next season unlike Milan that has many works to do, especially with what they have done to stars like Donnaruma, Hakan and now Kessie. Scudetto slipped from Inter’s hand but it won’t happen every season.

    And Hakan’s goal celebration infront of milan fans was something that gave them bad sleep that’s why they still hate him.

  5. Smh

    @Inter Per SEMPRE ahahahaha it’s simple- Milan is better than Inter. Look at the standings, Milan is the champion and you are a sore loser. AHAHAHA

  6. Fatecisognare

    At one point, inter took 7 points in 7 games. They just declined. A season is more than the first 19 games. But congrats for that, Winter Champions.

  7. Smh

    @All-Inter – yup, Milan has work to do and inter doesn’t lol! That’s why Milan is the champion but tell yourself whatever makes you feel better. Hakan is a rat and was let go because he sucks and it’s been confirmed today – he is on the losing team, again. Dollrumma was replaced by much cheaper goalie who is the best goalie in the league right now. Kessie is leaving and will be replaced by Sanchez – that’s like a huge upgrade. Should I point out that Inter is broke and Milan is in excellent financial situation?

    It’s absolutely hilarious to read inter fans crying – I LOVE IT!! Ahahahahaa

  8. SNAKE

    @smh stop acting like a child surely your a grown man.

    @Inter per sempre what was it then divine intervention? They did what they had to do win the remaining matches.

  9. Cielnova

    @Inter per sempre

    And what are the proves of your claim that Milan was helped? Without any proves then you’re just a big sore loser. Inter has better players but Milan is better as a team, and the better team deserves to win the title.

    I really pity Inter for having such loser as a fan.

  10. Inter Per SEMPRE

    @Smh you lack sportsmanship and your comments are personal attacks to people that post here, so my guess is you have some deep mental issue because we wrote about football and you went after Inter supporter, my best guess you have some deeper issues that’s why you act like a loser.

  11. Smh

    @SNAKE – maybe inter fans should act like grown men?

    By the way – it’s you’re, not “your”!

  12. Smh

    @ Inter Per SEMPRE – no, I don’t any issues, you seem to having hard time accepting your team chocked. Inzaghi never won anything – he is at least consistent. You try to say Milan had external help and someone helped them to win instead of congratulating them – you’re the one lacking sportsmanship. Typical inter fan. Enjoy being winter champion!

  13. Milan Fan

    @Inter Per SEMPRE

    You THINK you’re writing about football but in truth you’re just giving words to the delusions and conspiracy theories in your head. And that has nothing to do with football, which was played on the pitch, most masterfully by Milan, which in turn made them Champions.

    So stop whinging about it already. If anything all the outside forces and referees were helping Inter this season, and ultimately they failed, which makes it all the more sweeter. Milan should’ve had this Scudetto in the bag one month ago if not for poor refereeing.


    Congrats Milan, truly deserve it

    Hakan is a decent player but he’s always
    Missing in the big games against stronger opposition


    In my opinion only Skriniar and perisic has been consistent whole season

    Barella and lautaro has been inconsistent

    Congrats Milan

  16. Many wise guys

    Inter era over.
    Poor Inter, no money no party.
    Last summer Lukaku and Hakimi.
    This summer Lautaro and Bastoni.

  17. SNAKE

    @smh I’m quite sure I’m not being marked for my grammar here. Never mind how Inter supporters may or may not be behaving I was talking about u acting like an idiot grow up man. Grammar should be the least of your worries but I guess u gotta try and look intelligent in some way.

    It’s just football man I mean boy

  18. El Sid

    Come on Milan…back of the net… Great season, pushed all the way. The the title was fully deserved. Great team work all in all. There’ll be scenes and limbs in the city centre tonight, the Duomo will be rocking with the colours of the mighty red and black. FORZA MILAN. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

  19. InterFan75

    I’d advice Inzaghi to threat Inter he’ll leave if only one star player will be sold.

  20. Jake

    Congrats to Inter on a hard fought season.
    Still ended the season with two Trophies, even though the biggest one slipped from their hands.

    If I were to suggest improvements, I would say that Inter’s side need to be less run on emotions.
    They lost the match to Milan and went on a 2 month slide, which only recovered after they managed to beat Juventus in the league. Inzaghi really needs to work on making the players care less about the past result, and more about the opponent they play next.

  21. Artisti

    Where are all the interistas?? Losers!!

  22. JaCkson

    Considering Inter played the second half of the season with just 1 striker (thanks to Djeko) it’s a fair result.

  23. ArTisti

    Inter only showed they are a seasonal team! Loosers

  24. Gre-No-Li

    This ‘Inter Per Sempre’ is the laughing stock of this site, what a pathetic crybaby hahaha…

  25. Eazi Frank

    Thank you Radu !Please tell Calhanoglu that Milan is red !

  26. Jonny

    As a Juve fan i love to se Milan winning. Theo deserve it and have been the best team.
    I think Milan gonna be the best team for the 2-3.
    They have been working so good of the pitch and have good manners not like inter.

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