Investcorp give Elliott ultimatum over Milan deal?

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Investcorp have reportedly given Elliott Management an ultimatum regarding their €1.2 billion offer for Milan.

Initially reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport and later added to by, the Bahraini investment fund are irritated by Elliott’s conduct in the negotiations for the club and the appearance of Red Bird on the scene, who’ve made a €1.1 billion offer.

Elliott reportedly prefer Red Bird’s offer due to the formula of the finances, as Investcorp’s offer involved €400m of loans in addition to €800m of equity. The Bahraini investment fund are now demanding an answer from the American owners and they’re expecting one to arrive quickly.

The talks have been ongoing for a little while now and Investcorp are not keen to lose out to Red Bird, so they’re apparently willing to walk away if there is no definitive answer by the time the ultimatum expires.

There have still been no confirmations regarding this ultimatum and whispers within the club suggest confusion regarding the reports and their origin.

9 Comments on “Investcorp give Elliott ultimatum over Milan deal?”

  1. This BS is absolutely the last thing that Milan need leading up to the final 2 games of the season. Leave it until after the scudetto is won!!!

  2. Media speculation and bs, these guys didn’t have a clue Milan were even for sale until the French newspaper found out by accident when they were looking into other things, now all of a sudden they know someone has upset someone else, how much each buyer has offered and the financing of each bid, how much Milan will have to spend in the transfer market (300m lol) and what colour underwear Gazdis is wearing right now. Gazetta makes something up then Milan news reports what gazetta has said and all of a sudden this makes it fact lol and now FI reports it and we are supposed to believe it, nah mate, try again.

  3. Drop the demanding arrogant Arabs go for Redbird these are not the people we want running our lovely club they are not worthy of Milan. REDBIRD is hands down the better choice not these Arabs please make these deal fail make the Bahrani go away and sell to Redbird

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