Inter ended a truly disastrous February with yesterday’s goalless draw against Genoa, closing out a month that saw them fail to win a single league match.

The Nerazzurri’s last win in Serie A came on January 22, when they beat Venezia 2-1 at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Since then, they’ve played four league games and only managed to pick up two points, a terrible set of results as Simone Inzaghi’s side look to defend their Scudetto this season.

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The only win that Inter picked up all month came on February 8, when they beat Roma 2-0 in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals. Their chances of progressing in the Champions League also look slim now following their 2-0 loss at home to Liverpool on February 16.

Below is the full list of Inter’s results in February:

  • February 5 – Inter 1-2 Milan (Serie A)
  • February 8 – Inter 2-0 Roma (Coppa Italia)
  • February 12 – Napoli 1-1 Inter (Serie A)
  • February 16 – Inter 0-2 Liverpool (Champions League)
  • February 20 – Inter 0-2 Sassuolo (Serie A)
  • February 25 – Genoa 0-0 Inter (Serie A)

8 thought on “Inter’s Scudetto charge slows following disastrous February”
  1. They could’ve easily drawn with Venezia, too and nobody would’ve said anything. I mean if that referee had called Dzeko’s foul on his elbow just before their goal it probably would’ve ended differently, and that decision, compared to decisions by the referees in Milan’s matches against Spezia and Udinese have been the difference this season.

    Juventus collected many Scudetto’s by relying on all these little incidents going their way throughout the years and picking up ugly, close wins. I just hope if Inter or any other team is going to be Champions it will be with at least a clear 4 point lead.

  2. Let’s not forget Inter went through a very difficult time since the start of the year compared to other and technically 1st if they win the match in hand. Also the chances are created on avarage more than other rivals who are doing just as worse and start a difficult run of their own. Over the two matches that inter have played in the league they’ve produced at least 50 attempts some in which the only the goal post was the reason Inter didn’t score. But over those chances not a single goal was scored which gives rivals hope but it won’t be luck that will win the league but whoever wants it most and really want to it backed up by stats. A 1 goal for Milan and Napoli against any team at this moment is not secured and there’s plenty of matches for everyteam to drop points but overall Inter just have a bit more compared to everyone else to win the league.

  3. It’s a good thing the game in hand against Bologna wasn’t played this month. Before playing Milan, every Inter fan talked about the game in hand as if it was 3 points in hand, like the Bologna players would simply lie down and let Inter put another 6 goals past them. Let’s hope this was just a bad month and things pick up from the next game.

  4. @Milan Fan
    As if that’s the only reason Juve won any of those 9 titles. Let’s not give credit to the far superior team they had for most of those seasons, or the coaches, or anything like that.
    Get a grip. You Milan fans need to take a good long look at yourselves and realize it’s not all about you. Arsenal fans are EXACTLY the same way, always talking about how they’re wronged, it’s all a conspiracy, yadda yadda. You don’t want to be like Arsenal fans, do you?

  5. @Milan fan
    Everyone said Juve robbed results and that VAR would send them to the dark ages. Then VAR came and despite its best efforts, Juve won a string of titles. And they won comfortably for the most part. So no, you have a short memory, it wasn’t little incidents, it was major consistency across the campaign. Until the Sarri saga, Juve always invested smartly and phased in new players to maintain consistency. This is something Milan used to do until Berlusconi bailed out and the best players left or retired. Inter have never had the mentality of creating winning cycles, hence the boom and bust pattern. They’ll still talk about the treble while juve clock up another 10 titles. Milan can still remember fondly the days of Van Basten.

  6. Inter starting to show the cracks and the fact that their depth is not as strong as people think. They have not been tested by injuries to the extent that Juve, Napoli or Milan have. Inter only ever win Serie A when other clubs are rebuilding. When Juve or Milan are at their best, Inter have always failed.

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