Inter’s plans for Skriniar change after missing out on Bremer

With Gleison Bremer set to sign a five-year contract with Juventus, Inter have now changed their strategy with Paris Saint-Germain target Milan Skriniar.

The 27-year-old Slovakian centre back seemed destined to leave the Nerazzurri this summer in order to generate much-needed resources and PSG have been looking for an agreement for a little while now. The French giants failed to match Inter’s requests, however, and things have stalled.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, Inter’s failure to sign Bremer from Torino means that they’re no longer keen to sell Skriniar this summer, unless an incredibly convincing offer arrives. PSG seem unlikely to offer the figures needed, so the Slovakian seems set to stay in the Lombardy capital.

Inter’s priority now is finding a replacement for backup option Andrea Ranocchia and they’re considering a number of low-cost alternatives. The failure to sign Bremer will undoubtedly sting when remembering his incredible performances last season for Torino.

15 Comments on “Inter’s plans for Skriniar change after missing out on Bremer”

  1. If brazilian defender is worth 50 millions and De Light 80 then Skrinjar should be 150 millions! But Zhang is in deep sh#t and would sell his own mother so I am guessing that Skrinjar goes and goes cheap.
    Btw just watching video with Bremer and tifosis singing ‘Chi non salta bianconero, è, e.’ 🤣

  2. Best possible scenario for Inter. We could have taken a chance on a one season wonder like Bremer, but not underselling Skrini and now keeping him is great!

  3. Selling Skriniar just to make a little profit and then spending that on Bremer. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth it, specially since Skriniar has been great. Unless the numbers are huge.

  4. With the same players Inter defence is too slow for champions league matches, Inter badly need a new pacy energetic CB to replace Ranocchia

  5. @Droga LOL
    You should use Maguire as the benchmark so Skriniar is the same price as Neymar!
    Juve is smart on this one, they don’t waste time by making an offer Bremer and Torino can’t refuse.
    If Juve waited too long, Inter can really sign him in.

  6. Skriniar in his prime > fouling bremer.

    if skriniar stays then its great for inter. too bad no more de ligt penalties to opponents.

  7. I start to annoy with Zhang, he is trying to make every money by selling Inter good player. It doesn’t need to push for Skriniar selling. If money is still required, please realize quickly by selling Pinamonti, Lazaro, terminate Alexis.

  8. If Skriniar was better, why Bayern and Chelsea have no interest? Why PSG r reluctant to pay 60m+?
    He has one year left and will leave as a free agent if is not sold now. He understands he will never get a good pay in broke Inter

  9. 47-50M transfer fee and 5-6M/year salary, Inter are outbid by Juve, that’s the reality. Bremer is good, but that number is too high for Inter or any italian teams but Juve I guess. Hopefully that means Inter will no longer consider to sell Skriniar and extend his contract as agreed before, DeVrij’s contract as well. Maybe get Milenkovic or Akanji to fill Ranocchia’s position.
    It’s still decent calciomercato nevertheless.

  10. Inter never had to sell Skriniar and when they found out about Bremer’s release clause dropping to 15mil in Dec? There is no f’ing way they would forked over 40 mil now for him and Torino and Juve probably figured that out and called their bluff. Even though I think Torino would have preferred to sell to Inter vs Juve, they certainly weren’t going to take a loss to do that and Juve were actually the ones forced to dish out the money to hijack this deal. They had no choice.

  11. The silly clown saying Inter have clowns in defence, get a clue about football or switch sport. Inter conceded the least number of goals in the last 3 seasons combined, genius

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