Inter’s Curva Nord on Lukaku’s ‘betrayal’: He was king, now just another player

by | Jun 22, 2022 13:49

Inter‘s Curva Nord have issued a statement explaining they have not forgotten the feeling of “betrayal” after Romelu Lukaku’s move to Chelsea last summer.

In the 2020-21 season, Lukaku spearheaded the Nerazzurri to Scudetto success as he was named MVP but left to rejoin Chelsea in a deal worth €115 million at the end of the campaign.

Now, after a difficult 12 months in west London, the Belgium forward looks set to return to Inter but their Curva Nord ultra group have said they no longer hold him in as much high regard as they once did. A statement read: “Given Lukaku’s likely return to Inter, we would like to make some points clear:

  • The Curva will support Inter and won’t jeer the player (despite his behaviour last summer)
  • No one should greet him with scarves and banners pertaining to the Curva or related groups
  • Whatever else will happen to him in the future must be earned on the pitch with humility and sweat…

“He was supported (and treated) like a King, now he is just one like the others.

“We want to make it clear would never cheer against Lukaku if he again wears the Inter shirt.”

The statement also added the Curva has “acknowledged Lukaku’s betrayal and were very hurt by it.”

In December, following a controversial interview in which Lukaku made public his belief that leaving Inter for Chelsea had been a mistake, some fan made their feelings clear with a banner outside San Siro which read: “It doesn’t matter who runs away in the rain, what matters is who stays in the storm. Bye Romelu.”


  1. FOrza PArma

    Childish behavior by Ultras these days.. But I guess most of them have limited resources and have nothing more important in their lives than football.

  2. InterFan75

    How rude. Forza Lukaku.

  3. InterFan75

    OK, I read only title than I read the text. It’s not rude. They were hurt and they don’t forget. I know that feeling. And, the good thing is they won’t jeer him and they’re not against him.

  4. Vero Rossonero

    @Forza Parma, that pretty much sums up most human beings. My guess is that all will be forgotten by Christmas when Inter will be on top of the table with Lukaku winning them games.

  5. gee

    The keyboard warriors on here dont really know what hardcore support means, just to make a comment about any article like fan boys.

  6. villarusso

    I wish FI would stop reporting on this. It is not the only market trade going on. Most of Serie A could care less. Much less seeing him plastered all over your page. He was greedy and I don’t blame Inter fans.

  7. DINO Baggio

    Feeling betrayed for receiving 100m for deadwood?! Then getting it back on the cheap… And you feel betrayed? Wow


    The ULTRAS are right to put pressure on Lukaku.

    Unfortunately the best fitness coach on this planet is no longer at Inter and this costed them the Scudetto (just look at what Real Madrid accomplished).

    Very curious to see how Lukaku will do without Pintus micromanging him!

  9. INTERFAN 1996.

    LUKAKU was king for Inter fans and he will earn it again by scoring more goals. I don’t blame Inter Fans as I don’t blame LUKAKU. that Mistake did by the CHINESE Owners nobudy else did that.

  10. DB Milan

    It’s a real Ross and Rachel situation. They were on a break but now realised they do truly love money and each other.

  11. feroli

    A bit of a juvenile statement from the Ultras. First of all they don’t know the details – I’m sure Lukaku was ‘encouraged’ to leave as soon as Chelsea started to show interest. As soon as a deal becomes imminent of course footballers start the ‘it’s my dream move’ nonsense. It’s part of the whole media spin. As, er, Dino Baggio (above) points out – Inter made 100M profit in less than 12 months from this one player. That’s a result.

  12. Inter bells

    @feroli I suppose the feeling of betrayal was down to the fact that he declared “100%” that he was staying until Chelsea’s move for Haaland fell through.

  13. boh!

    Please get a real job, kids.

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