Inter’s capital gains are being investigated by Milan Guardia di Finanza

Inter’s capital gains are being investigated by Milan’s Guardia di Finanza after suspicions of false accounting.

The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, on the orders of deputy prosecutor Giovanni Polizzi, have opened an investigation on the Nerazzurri’s books following a report sent by the Guardia di Finanza which suggested that there were some criticalities in the club’s financial statements.

As reported by Corriere della Sera, the Guardia di Finanza visited Inter and Lega Serie A’s headquarters today in order to acquire documentation on all the capital gains declared in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 financial statements.

The investigation is focusing on some issues in the financial statements linked to the purchase and sale of players which may have been inflated in order to balance the books. Milan were also briefly investigated, but nothing irregular emerged after the first set of checks.

Inter have not yet commented on the investigation but are expected to issue an official statement at some point soon.

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  1. When it’s Juve, the articles say “Offices were raided.” For all other clubs, it’s “offices were visited.”

  2. Lol let’s wait and see Samya, I guess that makes you feel more safe about your juve being investigated, because this doesn’t exactly clear juve you know. Anyhow in 17-18 and 18-19 we won nothing, so the most that can be done is a fine and may be a transfer ban, IF proven guilty. Don’t jump to conclusions, Samya

  3. @Ahmed Hossam y sure in 2017 inter sold half of thier under 17 team for 50 milion euros top seria d teams but its all cool,statute of limitations and all.

  4. Definitely the Zaniolo transfer should be investigated – one of the most stupid in Football history because he was given away for basically free – Inters past transfer dealings are dodgy mainly dur to the stupidity involved – Ricky, Campangenero, Zargano, Perirra, all paid x3 what they were worth. I love Marco Branca can elaborate much better than I could hope to….

  5. Hahahah! While they’re at it, they should investigate that swap deal of Carini- Cannavaro too 😀 LOLLLL

  6. That took longer than expected. It was only a matter of time before media announcement that Inter are investigated and irregularities may be found in one of the previous years. But the reality is the consequences are far greater to Juve than Inter. Especially considering they actually won the league while Inter did not in those years.

  7. Solointer, no the punishment will be the same for inter. Just cuz they didnt win anything doesnt mean they cant get punished. Where did u get this from?

  8. So whre is Marco Donzelli from CODACONS that was gonna ask for juve to be send in seria b ,wondering if he is sending inter to seria b aswell???

  9. Most likely it’s Bastoni’s transfer. He was still in primavera yet Inter bought him for over 30M. Big chunk of the transfer fee was paid by sending young players as well to Atalanta. These young players were probably overvalued at that time, worth several millions each.
    For Zaniolo I think he was valued properly in nainggolan’s deal, 4.5M if I’m not mistaken. Stupid from Ausilio, yes, as he’s now worth a lot more than that

  10. @Lynchy: Here I am! Sorry for the delay, I`m not being payed by the club to be active in here. Got other things to do in life you know, grown up stuff.

    Investigating is normal, finding iregularrities is not.

    If I were the Italian authority, would definately investigate all the clubs without exception. I don`t think only juBentus were doing shady stuff over the years and Calciopoli has proven it.


  11. I laugh when I read comments from juventini about statute of limitations. That was exactly what saved juve in the 90s doping trial…you were Convicted then statute of limitations saved you. Inter were not convicted in calciopoli, it was an accusation from a prosecuter, not a convicted verdict. Clueless juventini…can’t tell the difference between an accusation without a trial and a verdict with a trial

  12. This guy called Ahmed does not remember the names Guido Rossi and Marco Tronchetti Provera. Both Inter fans and one happens to sit on the board at Telecom Italia. Your club cannot even afford to build your own stadium on a solo basis and need the other club to help out, vice versa. All these model drawings and digital plans are nothing. We have seen the PR before.

  13. Ahmeda Hossam, dont exchange inter with juventus. U even Were to dumb to get legal pass ports for ur players. Before i forget, inter where the ones with Doping and the court in napoli revoked ur paper Titels. Choke of a club

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