Inter unhappy with Calhanoglu again

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, Inter are directors are again unhappy with their star Hakan Calhanoglu after seeing one of his latest Instagram videos.

The ex-Milan midfielder has recently posted a video on his Instagram stories where he was seen diving from the roof of a yacht.

Il Corriere dello Sport reports that club directors didn’t like his behaviour which could have led to injuries, so they will strictly monitor him until the beginning of the pre-season.

Inter will begin training on July 6, but International players such as Calhanoglu will return to Appiano Gentile next week.

The Turkey international got in trouble last month due to an interview with Tivibu Spor where he appeared to criticise his coach Simone Inzaghi.

Calhanoglu had informed Inter about the interview but had to clarify his claims after it was released, saying that he never criticised the coach.

The Serie A giants could have fined the 28-year-old but never confirmed that they had taken action against their star.

9 Comments on “Inter unhappy with Calhanoglu again”

  1. A young man having fun on his yacht. Who hasn’t done that? I used to take part in naval manoeuvres every Saturday night, did me no harm. Sometimes it would all get a bit scary, but I still miss my Saturday bath night.

  2. Azzurri 06, you weren’t getting paid 6m, and if you got hurt there are another 1000 like you to replace you at no further cost.

  3. What is the controversy exactly? He said Inter lost the derby after he and Perisic were subbed. This is true. It was the coach’s decision to sub them, that is also true. He can’t prove that Inter would have won if they stayed on, and I don’t think he claimed as much either.

    And now jumping into the water? Seems to me like Suning looks for the slightest pretext to try turn fans against players, so they can sell them with less backlash.

  4. Luigi and Azzuri06, you both are newborn babies that know nothing about how the professional football should be. A young man having fun on his yacht? Clearly the article talked about ‘behaviour which could have led to injuries’. He got injured, Inter will still have to pay his salary. Hopefully you can connect the dots now. And the controversy of him talking about the subs? While it is true, and I agree with you, it is also criticizing the coach. Truth for us, but as footballer owned by a club you should be careful of speaking the truth and be diplomatic instead – these are simple public relation skill.

  5. From now on all the inter players have to swim in the paddling pool at balcony to make happy sunning 😂

  6. Hakan has all days been causing issues for the club he has been playing in. He has some good games during the season, but when it is getting difficult he dissapears –

  7. Inter must focus on all things football related and ignore all off the pitch nonsense,
    Vero rossonere got me laughing when he replied azzuri 06 of 1000 people ready to take his place at no further cost ,🤣.

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