Inter ultras staged a walk out during half-time of the match against Sampdoria yesterday and some fans claim that they were forced to leave the stadium by the Curva Nord leaders.

News broke yesterday that 69-year-old former ultra leader Vittorio Boiocchi was killed in an ambush outside his home, upsetting the hardcore Nerazzurri fans. During the half-time break of the match against Sampdoria, the ultras withdrew their banners and staged a walk out in tribute to Boiocchi, who had spent 26 years of his life behind bars for various criminal convictions. 

As highlighted by La Gazzetta dello Sport, numerous Inter fans wrote on social media after the match, claiming that the ultras forced them to leave their seats and exit the stadium as part of the walk out. 

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Last night I was in the Curva Nord. I was threatened to be beaten up if I didn’t come out, I saw a man being punched in front of me because he wanted to assert his sacrosanct right to watch the game. I hope the club will take action.”

Another observed: “The fans wanted to stay in the Curva to watch Inter but the ultras leaders forced everyone out, I saw children crying and people being pushed because they did not want to leave. I was with a friend of mine and I had a panic attack. I thought I was going to get them.”

Another supporter suggested: “The Curva Nord abandoning the stadium after the killing of an ultras leader – not exactly a saint – and forcing even those who were only there to watch the game to leave, is one of the blackest pages in the recent history of the relationship between organised fans and clubs.”

Inter are currently working to find the right response to the situation. With the head of security, the club are considering precautionary measures against those who forced fans to leave their seats, and refunds or free tickets could also be given out. 

12 thought on “Inter ultras forced fans to walk out after historic leader killed”
  1. I’m so glad I’m an AC Milan fan. The real fans of inter are the ones who work hard to pay for there tickets and you have these thugs forcing them out! Disgraceful!

  2. ros – thrs no difference in printer and allegri or most owners of clubs in serie a – look berlosconni should have been behind bars 60 yrs ago.

  3. look at the epl fairer revenue – compaired to serie a and la liga, but you two are more in the negative £££

  4. ultras dont exist in the epl – banned in the 1980’s hence the lower leagues in england have them – thr cause the trouble for the national team

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