Inter ultras ‘call out’ Bonucci after touchline row

by | Jan 15, 2022 14:36

Inter ultras put up a banner ‘calling out’ Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci after he was fined for shoving a member of staff during the Supercoppa Italiana.

The clash occurred on the touchline in the final seconds of the game, when Bonucci was waiting to come on as a substitute and Alexis Sanchez scored the winner for a 2-1 Inter result.

Secretary Cristiano Mozzillo celebrated the goal and was attacked by Bonucci, who shoved him and reportedly even made verbal threats.

The defender was fined €10,000 but did not receive a suspension for the incident.

Now Inter ultras have put up a banner in Milan with a message to the Juventus star.

‘Bonucci if you want to be cheeky, we’re waiting for you at the bar, you vile cretin.’

It is essentially calling Bonucci out for a fight, sure to raise tension ahead of the next meeting between these clubs in Serie A at the Allianz Juventus Stadium on April 3.


  1. bla

    Still not over this, a Susy? And Bravo for promoting violence instead of ignoring it. Who cares about bar fights with drunken football fans and do you think that those kind of things deserve any attention at all much less wasting time to write articles about?

  2. SL

    Sit him on the bench for the next year, see what kind of deal he gets then.

  3. SL

    Belongs to a different post.

  4. serie a lover

    inter fans would probably ask for a photo if they saw bonucci in person. bunch of clowns

  5. dzurjakcsopi

    @ serie a loves
    Your comment is a bit more idiotic than the banner by the fans.

  6. Mikaelinter

    Lol salty juvefans in the comments section. Serves Bonucci right


    @serie a lover… Nah, we prefer his voodoo doll to poke him!

  8. Inter bells

    Play stupid games,win stupid prizes.

  9. Poopie Zanetti

    just like the recent article about Juventus ‘arrogance’.

    look at how the inter section of this site differs from other clubs.

    clear bias. nothing to lose sleep over, of course, just an observation.

    how’s the stadium coming along? after a century in this thing, it’s about time, no ?

  10. Stam

    Good that bonucci was fined, everything else about it is silly including fans there and here

  11. olujuventus

    people talking rubish about juve hmmm,we dominate 4 complete nine yrs,inter is just dominating 4 just 2yrs,if it is inter that is having problem that juve is having by now they will be in 10th in seria,juve have problem but we are still inproving small small,forza juveeee

  12. The Queens Half Corgi

    Do not worry the stadium is going to be built and Dybala is coming home to Lautaro lol.

  13. Poopie Zanetti

    but it wouldn’t surprise me if he does. afterall, inter have nut-rode Juve for years now. Marotta, Conte, mdf in italianVidal.

    Juve is the model club for inter to try to copy. You love us, we know.

  14. The Queens Half Corgi

    Still crying over Marotta, Conte and Vidal. Soon add Dybala to that list. We are getting rid of Vidal and Vecino and will free up £16M in wages. Enough to pay Dybala and have change left over. Imagine if La Joya comes to us for less just to spite Jube’s hierarchy. Now is it not time for Arrivabene to attend transfers for dummies? You know even Ausilio can hand out some tips to Cherubini the father of Crapatici.

  15. RB

    CN69 doing kid stuff, they think they are being obligated to respond and give statement in every possible way for everything that happened.

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