Inter ultras boycott Milan Derby over ticket allocation

by | Jan 25, 2022 21:25

Inter ultras from the Curva Nord warned they will boycott the Milan Derby in protest at ticket allocations, refusing to sing, wave flags or even provide a choreography in the stands.

The game is set to kick off on Saturday February 5 at San Siro and the COVID restrictions of just 5,000 in the stadium will be loosened, bringing back a 50 per cent capacity.

That is still not enough to have anywhere near as many fans as those who want to be there and this has irritated the Inter ultras in the Curva Nord.

They have released a statement warning they are “disappointed and shocked by how the ticket allocations were made” for the derby with Milan.

In retaliation, the ultras announced they will attend the match, but without megaphones, flags, banners or above all any ‘tifo’ in the stands.

The giant choreography in the Curva Nord, battling with Milan’s Curva Sud, is one of the highlights of the Milan Derby.

The Inter fans have warned they will not cheer on their team throughout the match either, unless director Beppe Marotta intervenes to spread the ticket allocation to the ultras.


  1. John

    What a bunch of idiots. As if this were the club’s fault… It is what it is, let’s just hope the pandemic comes to an end as soon as possible.

  2. Fama

    Two-digit ultras…

  3. Rosario


    Uttered a true armchair fanatic.

  4. boh!

    Hold your breath and bang your heads on the floor? Grow up people.

  5. Nico

    Easy ragazzi, we do not know what their allocation was and these are our 12th men (speaking of ultras in general).

    Without the ultras and their incredible choreography, matches in Italy are much less the spectacle. The sensible approach should be 50% capacity (as per current regulations) for ALL sectors, including corporate, curvas, etc so that everyone is affected in the same manner.

    If the Nord has less than 50% allocation compared to their usual amount then they are right to make their voices heard. Everyone should be on equal footing at the San Siro and the same when it rises to 75%, etc.

    Forza Milan!

  6. LUIGI

    Open up the stadiums. If people are willing to expose themselves to the ‘risk’ of contracting Omicron (and spreading it to their loved ones), then let them! This is how society has operated for thousands of years!

  7. CHINTER (China Internazionale)

    This plebs don’t know that China owns a bit chunk of Chinter? I think the CCP should lock this people up for disrespecting the club

  8. migi

    “let’s just hope the pandemic comes to an end as soon as possible.” Hey John, why do they play for full stadiums in PL and spectators are without masks, if this pandemic is so horrible? All the restrictions should be removed ASAP.

  9. John

    @migi this could be an interesting discussion but, again, it’s not up to the club, the government decided. So what’s the goal of the protest I wonder, when there’s nothing the club can do about it…

  10. DB Milan

    @John Dead right. The epidemiologists in the comments should study some more.

  11. Guy

    I have tickets from Viagogo in the Upper Tier. Does anyone know if the upper tier will be open.

  12. DB Milan

    @Guy They closed upper tier for the last matches so probably not. Don’t take that as 100% though.

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