Inter to appeal decision to play postponed match against Bologna

by | Jan 21, 2022 19:51

Inter intend to appeal following the sporting judge’s decision to reschedule their postponed match against Bologna.

The statement realised earlier today detailed how the match, originally scheduled for January 6 before being postponed, will have to be played at some point later this season. It was called off after a serious COVID outbreak affected the Rossoblu squad.

This decision has not sat well with Inter, and reports that the club intend to appeal the decision, with the club wanting access to the records. They claim that they were denied access to the documentation and are highlighting the presentation of the squad and Bologna’s failure to appeal within hours of the match not being played.

In the statement, the sporting judge noted that the documentation presented by Bologna was sufficient enough to ask the League to postpone the match. The case will now go to the Court of Appeal, where a final decision will be made.


  1. Inglese Ultra

    I’ve been an Inter fan for 32 years, and I think that this is wrong on every level!!
    Of course we should play the game! Bologna can’t help having a Covid outbreak, and we shouldn’t be looking to be handed 3 points!! Reschedule the game, and earn the 3 points!!

  2. John

    @Inglese Ultra, we have an extremely tight schedule as it is and I think that’s the main reason why the club appealed.

  3. Interello

    Yes, agree with you 100%… still, maybe Inter are doing THIS to deter other teams from trying to postponed games with us…

  4. InterFan75

    I believe game will be played once Inter is out of CL.

  5. Juri

    Pathetic… Trying to get result without playing game. This is very low-quality behaviour from Inter. Really pathetic


    remember, thats club who won paper scudetto 2006. what a bunch of funny clowns

  7. John

    We have a very tight schedule and that, I think, is the reason why the club is appealing. We have to look after our best interest, not Bologna‘s or anyone else’s. The problem is not playing Bologna, it’s playing every three days nearly every week.

  8. Ali G

    that’s typical Inter DNA for you. Always playing the victim even when you’re guilty. Facchetti being the best example of cheating then blaming everyone else for doing the same thing.

  9. Blanc

    If other teams did this, Inter fans would go bananas.

  10. Forza inter

    Nobody said Inter don’t want to play and just get the 3 points.
    Inter just question why not the same course of action has not been taken by sports judge Gerardo Mastrandrea as was taken for the UdineseSalernitana or the JuventusNapoli game.
    And for the 2006 scudetto blame yourselves and Moggi not Inter.

  11. Inglese Ultra

    As stated earlier, I fully believe we should play the game, and earn the points properly… funny how Juve fans try to jump on the richeous bandwagon though… don’t recall Inter ever being relegated for cheating, and stripped of titles, so pipe down and worry about your own Discrepancies, of which there are many….

  12. Solointer

    The law works in both ways if one team use it to get out of a tight situation then the other wants to know if EVERYTHING they did was legal as it seems there’s something that Inter were not given to justify the match being cancelled. I think Inter knows eventually the decision will go for Bologna but the lawyers will have to work extra hard to make sure it’s not February or even March. With the next match also about to be postponed then it could cause a lot of trouble if it continues at that rate.

  13. Frankie

    Spot on InterFan75. The game will be replayed after their elimination in the UCL at the hands of a Liverpool team that could play their B team and still beat them.

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