Inter struggle to resist Manchester City bids for Bastoni

by | May 17, 2022 20:40

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter have already turned down a €60m offer from Manchester City for Alessandro Bastoni, but the bid could rise and create a real dilemma.

The Nerazzurri already sold Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi to Chelsea and PSG respectively last summer in order to help balance the books.

Their situation remains difficult and it is widely expected that at least one big player will be sacrificed ahead of next season too.

It was meant to be Stefan de Vrij or Milan Skriniar in defence, but Bastoni is the one receiving the biggest proposals.

The plan would be to keep hold of the 23-year-old Italy international, which is why they already turned down a €60m bid from Manchester City.

However, the Gazzetta dello Sport insists that Inter would not be able to resist if the offers got much higher.

It is no surprise that Pep Guardiola is interested in Bastoni, as this defender is considered the heir to Leonardo Bonucci with similar characteristics, acting as almost a deep-lying playmaker thanks to his eye for a long pass.


  1. Ali G

    60 million for Bastoni! Marotta will sell him for sure! and easily replace him with Bremer for a third of that! That’s why Marotta is the best.

  2. InterFan75

    Why not, we keep DeVrij and buy Bremer.


    Inter will be fine whatever happens as PhD Max is building back younger with Di Maria. Flimsey will return, Roberto Carlos is staying put and they have a Man City legend who can play right back or on the right of a 3 man defence. Scary times ahead for the 7/9 CL final winners of runners up LMAO.

  4. LUIGI

    Give us Cancelo and 60m and we’ll consider it.


    @Lord: You forgot Paolo “Il grand buffone” Pogback is returning to teach the dinosaurs some new dance moves.

  6. geedup

    Another Italy international that if he leaves the league could end up battling for a place in the starting 11. Who will he displace, Dias or Laporte? How about neither. Not because he’s not as good but because Guardiola already has his preferred starting 11 and if a 130m Jack Grealish isn’t a consistent starter, how will Bastoni become one? Inter have clearly regressed after selling Lukaku and Hakimi, and its only going to get worse if they sell Bastoni. Rather than trying to paper over the crack, why not just look for a buyer? My guess is the club is in such a bad state, no one worthwhile will invest in it.

  7. Limone Inzaghi

    Grande ZHANG!!!

    Taking this club to the dumps. Worse than Yonghong Li. Fleecing us like chumps. May as well get some PL washups and hire PHD Max to perfect the grift.

  8. JUtro je

    Geedup – Grealish is not a starter because he stinks. Perhaps the worst investment made (yes worse than Lukaku)

  9. Andy

    Bastoni is a flop, bad defense in most critical games. He has made no progress since joined Inter. For the national team, he is clumsy without the two veteran from Juventus.

  10. Nihat

    Inter and Juventus both want Italian national team players … Bastoni and Barla are blocked for sale … Although Martinez seems unsellable … Marotta’s big gamble will be on Denzel Demferes …

  11. Muto

    He is just a flop like De Ligt. Inter should sell him, so that they can buy Bremer, Viti, and Daniele Ghilardi at once.

  12. Frankie

    Andy, whilst I don’t agree Bastoni is a flop as he has some really good characteristics, I do a agree that he is nowhere near ready for the national team. He has made some mistakes (Spain, Macedonia) which have cost us critical goals and still needs the protection of more experienced defenders. I think he will get there eventually.

  13. putuco

    What a dilemma because as far as I know De Vrij has to be sold since he does not want to renew and Inter would lose him for free in 2023. That is hwy they are after Bremer. For 60m if I would be an inter manager I would take Bastoni myself to Manchester. He is the most overrated defender of the league, worse than De Vrij and way worse than Skriniar.


    CALMAAAAAA!!! Inter fans better not start criticising Flinstone Max, Omicron Variant and Buddhist Monk Scholar of the back, back, down, down. Inter like taking Juve trash and polishing it up real good. I think in PhD Max, they will have met their match as this 12,000 year bald relic can only win if he has the strongest squad built for him, and no competition in sight. Ironically he has been schooled by other teams at the lower end of the table. But nobody criticise a 2 time CL winner of the silver medal okay.

  15. Ahmed Hossam

    Andy, switch Sport football is not for you.

  16. Renga

    Inter have done well in defence this season no matter who has been missing. I think if I had to choose between Skriniar and Bostoni I would choose Skriniar

  17. Recoba

    Inter defense is the second best defense in the league so far with 31 goals I don’t think anyone here know that!!!

  18. Ardhi

    He’s still 23 yo, plays for NT and a unique left-footed defender. it will be a big loss for Inter if they sell him.

  19. m

    So negative – some of these comments. No wonder Italy had so much bad energy towards the world cup qualifying.

    Italian fans are hit and miss, good when it’s good, and often bad when it’s good too.

    He’s Inter‘s best defender, age and value.

    Why do Man City want him otherwise?

    Laporte and Dias over him come on… he’s a ball playing centre back, and Guadi’s ideal defender, age, attributes and frame.

    It’s more of a case of Bastoni should leave Inter for Real, Bayern, Liverpool, Man City all major non-selling clubs (as Inter are a selling club). Rather than should Inter let him leave.

    Where would Verratti be now without leaving…

    Barella should also leave as opposed to becoming veterans that end up staying at Inter and winning nothing in Europe, while they watch Lukaku, Hakimi, eventually Lautaro and all the other players they develop leave for bigger better things.

    Until Serie A updates the mentality and stadiums, you should be hoping all the top Italian’s leave. Better off than the harsh scrutiny and nervous energy they get from fans in Italy.

    Have Bremer, he’ll only stay a year or two and move on anyway, like all the top foreign players do.

  20. Kyle

    Funny how people expect Bremer to be sold for 20M. His contract with Torino runs until 2024. There’s no reason why Torino would sell off their best defender for anything less than 35M or 40M.

  21. Jake

    How do Inter fans expect to buy Bremer for anything less than 40M is beyond me.

    The lad has a contract with Torino until 2024. Delusional much?

  22. Screaming Dizbuster

    As a Man City supporter, this makes zero sense. City have four established central defenders but a critical need at LB (or RB, if you prefer) and at holding midfielder. Having just purchased the ultra-expensive Haaland, there are no £££ for a player like Bastoni. Inter need to keep and continue to develop him, IMHO.

  23. DARi0

    Just keep rejecting. Bastoni is Italia, he needs to stay for the long run.

    Stick to the plan: sell De Vrij and buy Bremer.

  24. DARi0

    @Kyle @Jake: Bermer agreed with Cairo (Torino president) that he will sign the extension as long as he will be sold for a REASONABLE amount. I suspect that`s 30M max. He also agreed to join Inter on 2.5M net/year, so he can reject all EPL destinations if he wants.

  25. soloInter

    Selling him would mean that keeping Dimarco and getting Bremer. Dimarco although BAD defensively but when Inter attack against stubborn teams he can lethal with crosses and dribbling.

  26. DARi0

    Bastoni is not going to be sold, I`m very sure of this.

    Bremer = 10-15M + DiMarco [rated 16M] coming as De Vrij replacement.

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