Inter reassure Chinese asset order won’t affect Suning ownership

by | May 20, 2022 17:28

Although there are reports the Communist Party in China is directing senior officials to shed their overseas assets, Inter sources assure this will not affect the Zhang family’s ownership of the Serie A club.

The Wall Street Journal claimed that an internal Communist Party directive had banned owning property outside of China or holding large stakes in overseas entities.

The Party is also pushing for senior figures to sell existing assets, which could in theory affect the ownership of Serie A side Inter by the Zhang family and Suning.

However, sources from within the club told La Stampa newspaper that they would not be included in the purge of businesses.

It has also not been clear since 2018 whether owner Zhang Jindong is still a major figure in the Communist Party of China and would therefore be involved in the directive.

In 2021, Forbes estimated the net worth of Zhang Jindong – father of Inter President Steven Zhang – at circa $7.4bn, but Suning have inevitably been hit hard by the pandemic.

Suning purchased Inter from Erick Thohir in June 2016.


  1. LUIGI

    I hope they’re bluffing in order to facilitate a sale. It started well enough, the experiment. Hakimi and Lukaku coming in. But now with Inter set to be a shopping market for the 2nd summer in a row? No thanks. Better that you just move along, Suning!

  2. Liviu

    Luigi 👍

  3. R. Bonora

    Suning, please get out of town as soon as possible.

  4. Nforche

    Suning Please sell the club to those who are ready to invest and make the club great again. You can’t ruin a club like Inter by making it a retirement home. Please leave

  5. Felix

    Haha . clouds sems to be coming on those who are jealous for clubs better than them. What goes around comes around.

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