Inter legend Materazzi hits back at Gatti and mocks Juventus defender

Former Inter and Italy defender Marco Materazzi hits back at Juventus‘ Federico Gatti, who held a scarf with a message against the Nerazzurri after Wednesday’s Coppa Italia victory: ‘Better to live one day as a lion as 100 as cats.’

It’s fair to say Materazzi didn’t like how Gatti celebrated Juventus’ Coppa Italia win on Wednesday night as he hit back at his compatriot on social media.

Gatti had celebrated Juventus’ latest victory with a scarf that had a message against the Nerazzurri. It read: ‘I hate Inter.’

Materazzi hit back on Instagram, sharing the picture of Gatti holding the scarf and writing: ‘Better to live one day as a lion as 100 as cats’ joking about the fact that ‘Gatti’ means ‘cats’ in Italian.

Materazzi also added a picture of Sylvester Cat desperately trying to get his hands on the Champions League trophy.

This is not the first time Materazzi has aimed a dig at Juventus. When Inter won the Champions League in 2010, competing a legendary treble, he wore a shirt with a message aimed at the Bianconeri: ‘Do you want this one back too?’